Why would she look sad and look away from me?

If you are feeling internal "strife" about something and cannot find the words to express what you are feeling, it may be expressed through our "body language".

If there was some form of "disagreement" between the both of you, she may find it hard to "lock eyes with you' because of the overwhelming "internal feeling". A person may also be carrying "hurt" and does not know how to express it.

Depending on "age", the person could potentially be in love and "longing" for the other and internally "crying" because they are in love with a person they can never have.

Guilt - if the person has done something wrong and does not know how to "come clean".

Disappointment - perhaps the person is so hurt that they can't express into words how much pain they are feeling.

Perhaps the person has a self confidence issue and does not feel "comfortable" to look at one directly in the eyes.

Depending on geographical location, religion and or culture may not permit eye contact between male / female.

From the vague description, it sounds like something happened that was either embarrasing, hurtful, disappointing and other such. It may be directed at you if you're the one she feels that way about if you caused it. If it's someone else that caused it, she knows you understand how she feels. On the other hand, someone might be doing that if they need attention and don't know any other way to communicate that other than recoiling into victim mode. Just depends on what's happening

Why don't cell phones use 5v batteries?

Because there is no such thing as a 5v battery. The voltage of a battery cell is dependent on its chemistry. The voltage of the assembled battery is an integer multiple of the cell voltage.There is nothing special about five volts. The battery is not five volts, the components in the phone do not run on five

Has the U.S government commented on the Sony hack incident?

Yes, the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and the President have all openly commented. They each claim North Korea is behind the attack despite there being almost no evidence to support that conclusion and plenty of evidence that points to other groups/individuals.Here's