Will Africa ever be full of Developed Nations?

Yes it will, things are really looking promising now with most African nations. Rwanda was once a war town nation and now look where it is, i can say to some extent that it is a middle class nation. Kenya is the Technology hub of Africa now wit soo many startups which are influencing the way the citizens conduct business and making impact in other African nations as well.

Recently Mark Zuckerberg visit Kenya and Nigeria and it wasn't for philanthropy purposes. Nigeria is making it big as well followed by Ghana, theres South Africa and other nations

I think its a process and gradually other nations as warming up to development using the Technology route which is more of impowering the private sector.

So hell yes Africa will be full of developed nations real soon than you expected.

Yes, Africa will someday become a continent with developed nations. She has the potentials to attain this height. Their economies have significantly grown at higher rates and they have gained a new system of government. Governance has significantly improved, the citizen's participation has significantly improved.

Africa has the youngest population compared to other continents around the world. These youthful population has been able to grasp some enlightenment that will ignite massive development in the continent. The youth has been working collaboratively with their peers across the world.

Africa has a huge population in the diaspora and many of them are beginning to see reasons to come back and see how they will empower their countries and there is a positive sign of development to the African continent.

The African countries are now realigning themselves and are becoming much proactive in making sure their resources are used for their benefit. Transparency has significantly improved and such has reduced corruption, although it is still a problem some milestones have been achieved.

It is definitely a possibility. If the flood of weapons could be stopped, if corruption could be curbed, and if women could have the same access to education, jobs and life choices as men, it could happen. I have high hopes for Ghana, Botswana, Gabon, South Africa and Kenya in this regard.

Define developed and I will let you know that is an illusion. America claims to be developed but won't admit racism. Same in the UK. Why are they exiting Europe? Coz they fear losing their identity to globalization.

From a Pan-Africanist point of view, saying Africa is not development is like telling a 3 year old they are not smart. They grow up believing it. And will never attempt to know better.

It depends. If they wish to develop they need to stop relying on an agriculture based economy. Their best hope is to open trade, allow foreign companies to invest in them so that they can grow a modern services sector. And of course they need to root out their corrupt leaders. Believe it or not every country was once like Africa, even the US. They need to have their own Industrial Revolutions. It'll be a while, but Africa will eventually develop a modern economy.

I dont think so. First, there will always be more major developed countries that will take advantage of Africa natural resources and poor governance. Second, Africa must really do something about their highly corrupted leaders. Third, there must be a sense of unity among its people, something that Africa have failed to achieve, and one of the reason why it is so easy for other major powers to take advantage of Africa. If you can managed to overcome all of this, then only its possible to talk about being a developed country. It sounds impossible to me.

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