Will America survive Trump?

I think the answer might depend upon how long he stays in office, meaning, how long it takes the GOP in Congress to grow a pair and impeach him (which they would already have done if Hillary had been elected and had done what Trump has done).

What keeps me up at night is, if Russia decides to conduct a massive nuclear strike, would Trump actually do his duty and use the "nuclear football" to conduct a counterstrike? I don't think there's any danger of this right now...but if I ever see the entire Trump family leaving to go on a diplomatic mission or some such excuse to leave our continent, I'm going to be keeping my eyes wide open. I mean, if Russia had the opportunity to strike, knowing that Their Boy Trump would not order a counterstrike, would they do so? Especially in the knowledge that they'd suddenly be by far the strongest nuclear power on the planet and would be able to bully and threaten even China at will?

Sometimes I love being wrong, even wildly wrong. I most sincerely hope this is one of those times.

Trump is going to melt down before he ever reaches his own inaugural. He's completely unprepared for not just the duties of the office, not just the pressure of the office, but with being criticised on television.

The Orange Dictator spends his life tweeting against people who don't like him at 3 a.m in the early hours.

Normally I would be laughing my butt off but Trump, in his dark ways, does not allow for me to indulge in such liberties as he is one "unstable isotope", capable of anything, anytime.

He would not think anything of going after his detractors with his power as President, and that should have everybody thinking. He is a sociopath, combined with the guilt free ability to habitually lie about facts and figures. He maintains delusions of grandeur, and believes himself to be a legend in his own mind.

Nobody admires him - not even a lot of the people who voted for him.

Trump voters voiced their anger by having a temper tantrum. They elected a man with no military experience, not governing experience, and no interest in public service, who declared bankruptcy six times according to snopes and politifact.

Trump cheats his customers, suppliers, and called for the deaths of five innocent men in the case of the Central Park Five.

There is no way this man makes it through a four-year term in the most pressure-laden office in the nation. He's found himself in a place where he can't simply fire his critics.

If the human race lasts long enough, biographers are going to have a field day cataloging his fuckedupedness.

So I'm a conservative and I came here as an immigrant from South Asia, in a Muslim family. I mention this to explain that I have a stake in this affair.
But, my answer to your question is yes - America will survive. We have a lot of constitutional barriers to many of the crazy things he proposed. Secondly, some of the things he proposed have been exaggerated in the media in terms of their actual craziness.

The man has been president elect for barely a week. I strongly encourage everyone to just wait and see what he does before we act. If he does something we need to oppose - and I mean actually tries to get it done, not just say he's going to do it - we need to put our full force behind and against that. But until then, we should just wait. Be calm. Be measured. And remember that people will get desensitized to protest and opposition if it's not dished it when it's really warranted. So don't abuse these tools.

The greater danger to America is the way the two sides are going at each other. Trump can be considered a catalyst, but it makes the point that these tensions were there to begin with. If you want to save America, try your damndest to support dialogue between conservatives and liberals right now. Because we are, by and large now, a country of people who just react rather than listening.

America will survive, but she had already been weakened. Hundreds of experience years have alteady been purged from the State Department for example. It will take a generation to replace that intellectual capital.

Were these career foreign service officers purged out of ignorance or does the Trump administration have a good reason? These are no politicians, they represent the best of the United States civil service.

If someone needed a deep dive into the political process and players in Saudi Arabia, this is where we turn. If the conflicts between Pakistan and India need unpacked for deeper understanding, this fount of experience and knowledge is where it used to reside in the US.

Now, it's all gone and it's not coming back for a very, very long time.

Was this necessary to achieve Trump's goals? Or is this random lashing out to destroy the old order for the sake of destruction.

The person responsible for this decision is the same person who seemingly went out of their way to find cabinet nominees who despise the work that their departments do and have pledged to destroy their own departments.

What will be left in 4 years? How long will it take Trump's successor to repair the damage he is sure to cause during his term?

This is exactly why we don't want to elect or appoint people who hate government to run the government.

America will definitely survive the President Elect.I don't see why not???

It was definitely a polarizing and dividing election but we will overcome everything,this election is a result of people wanting a change and the nation spoke collectively.

This is a great awakening period for the US and countries everywhere,as a light being I always think and believe that there is a reason for every thing that happens and

1.Change doesn't happen in a steady, linear way.

2.We all learn best from crisis and calamity.

3.Our brightest lights emerge/shine from our deepest darknesses.

The President Elect will be the force that brings the world together, to fight for everything we love.

America will definitely be great and so will the other countries be.

I see many healing sessions happening here in the Bay Area post elections to help people come out of traumas and confusions.I have a strong intuition that we will still be great and we all should strive to make a difference in our own small ways and stand up for all that is right and have zero tolerance for hate.

This shall pass too! Have faith and hope intact and yes don't forget the acceptance part and consider this as an opportunity to rise together.

Interesting question. The only "madhouse" here is what is becoming an ever unhinged left wing movement. Fascist style protestors are popping up everywhere, that use violence and rioting to enforce their very narrow world view on everyone. Ironically they like to say they oppose fascism. The left with their allies in the media promote a dissolution of the United States as a nation in order to replace it with a borderless communist region under the control of internationalist.

Trump is doing what he was elected to do and in Constitutionally required to do.

  1. Protect America from enemies foreign and domestic.
  2. Look after American interests.
  3. Real back the unconstitutional over reach of our federal government.
  4. Restore American to a constitutional government.
  5. Reach out directly to the people since the media can no longer be trusted.

Opposing Trump in this is really opposing America and Freedoms on which we were founded.


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