Will Australia declare war on Indonesia?

Before we think of war, let's think of economy, because if you don't have money how do you wage war exactly?

Why would Australia wage war against one its biggest agriculture market? Indonesia also import more from Australia than exporting to Australia, so if both cease trading, Australia will lose more money. Most of all, if Australia stopped buying crude oil from Indonesia, pretty much other countries will snap up the commodity. But if Indonesia cease buying agriculture products from Australia, finding a new market will not be so easy.

Also, Australian has much bigger amount of investment in Indonesia, and therefore has much to lose.

Source: https://dfat.gov.au/trade/resour...

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Sorry, but I'm afraid you missed it.  The answer to your question lies in the past, not in the future.PetroChina was the first company to reach a trillion dollar market capitalization when it went public in November 2007.  This one-time