Will Avengers 4 showcase the rematch between Hulk vs Thanos? What will be the future of the Avengers in Avengers 4 movie? How will Thanos be beaten?

I'd like to think so. this is what I would like to see now for this to work let's imagine that throughout the next film. because of all the deaths the Hulk changes his perspective and tries to Bond with the Avengers and throughout the film we see his relationship with each different member and towards the end of the film all of the Avengers are down except from the Hulk. who's managing for the most part to fight Thanos without being defeated let's just say Thanos has a hold of only the power stone. half way through the fight with the Hulk Thanos begins to get overpowered by The Hulk so he uses the Power stone and hits Hulk sending him flying however the power of the power stone hits the surrounding area and hits Natasha Falcon Iron Man Captain America and Ant-Man all of them died except from Captain America who is in a coma and the blast from the power stone also levelled a couple of buildings with people inside as The Hulk gets up he sees the destruction around him the buildings with people inside the death of his friends the scream of Natasha Thor gets up and tries to attack Thanos with Stormbreaker Thanos breaks Thor's arm Thor gets a couple of hits before being thrown aside whilst in the background the Hulk freeze's whilst trying to process the death of his friends


And I think I know how that would go down. Imagine this :

Somehow Natasha ends up pissing Thanos off.

Natasha has no backup. All the other Avengers have been beaten up. Thanos charges towards Nat. Bruce is lying in a corner shouting "NOOOOO!!!"

Just when Thanos is about to attack her, he is held back by someone. Someone powerful. Someone green. And Thanos would suffer the same fate as Loki and Thor.

Puny Titan!

What is thought awareness?

Thought awareness is an additional level of self-organization of the mind. Thoughts contemplate others, more "basic" and evaluate them. This is not peculiar to consciousness, exists between consciousness and unconscious (the conscious mind is astonished by instinctive reaction) or within the unconscious (we scratched mechanically in response to a

Outside of the comics (TV shows and movies), are there any DC/Marvel crossovers?

Three story archs. Well two technically. The fist one I believe is called Marvel vs Dc. It had the heroes/villains of both universes. Fighting one each other. It was vote based back then. This would temporarily lead to a merged verses. Where heroes and villains of both universes merged with similar counter parts. Superman and Cap.

What are some good short Spanish Poems?

The best 19th century Spanish poet, BĂ©quer, wrote a collection of very short poems, you should check those out if you're interested in short poems in Spanish. He wrote a LOT of short poems, so there's also a lot of variety. Just look