Will China sell the J-20 to anyone? Which countries will buy Chinese weapons in the next 30 years?

Look - thanks to one smart and incredible informed Quora-member, I have understood, that the J-20 is nothing else than a modernized demonstrator, China presented in the 60's (but then wasn't put into production due to budgetary constraints).

You probably could see it as one strategy, which is better known from Russia: information-warfare. The agenda isn't 100% clear. Is it to trick other countries into an arms race? Is it an attempt to deter other nations, by suggesting more capabilities than in reality? Is it just bragging? Is it rather internally, to show generals a prospected capability and technology prowess? I don't know.

It seems pretty obvious, that no proper fighter jet (even modernized 4th gen) need to be really concerned about the J-20.

I guess, if someone is naïve enough to offer the Chinese enough cash, they would sell it - but more likely they would sell the almost equally worthless J-31...

Not knowing much about China Air Force, but the day US sell F22 to other countries, I think China will consider about it.

Highly unlikely, for several reasons.

To be candid and frank, fighter jets are not the sharp tools in the shed like they used to be. Right now, drones, cyber-warfare instruments and hypersonic weapons/space weapons are all the rage.

J-20 has a lot of tricks and aces up its sleeves and I'm not sure the Chinese government will be comfortable letting others putting their hands on them.

On the other hand, J-31 has possible plans for a export version.

Wars are expensive, cost lives and puts a toll on all parties involved. We ought to keep enjoying the hegemonic stability the United States has brought the world...oh wait, maybe they are not so keen on the idea now.

China is still playing the undercut game when it comes to weapons export, so expect the same field of buyers. States with limited capital wanting the most bang for the buck.

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