Will I always have to pay private mortgage insurance because I paid less than 20% down on the house? Or will it eventually be "satisfied" after a certain amount of time?

If you have an FHA loan you will always have MIP (their version of PMI). If you have a conventional loan the written agreement between you and the mortgage companies determines if and when you can remove the PMI.

It may be that after a couple of years you can pay for a new appraisal and prove that you have at least a certain amount of equity and so stop paying PMI. It can also be that after a certain number of years they will drop it without you doing anything. Read your agreement or at least call them and ask.

What is better to gain muscle mass, long sets of pushups or more and shorter sets?

If you've seen people who enter pushup contests, they're generally not big, and they may not even look like athletes. They're simply good at doing a very long set of pushups. Some of them don't even do full reps in order to get a bigger number. Long sets probably won't set

What are the best websites and textbooks in nutrition?

You might start with this one. Heck, I might get it myself.Amazon.com: Biochemistry For Dummies (9781118021743): John T. Moore, Richard H. Langley: BooksBiochemistry is very complex. Every time i wade into the topic to see how one specific food type is utilized in

What online dating platform has led to the most marriages?

What online dating website has the most success in leading to long term relationships?I met my soul mate of nine (9) years on PLENTY OF FISH dating website.Although we found each other on the dating website, it does not determine success in leading to long term relationships. It is strictly YOU