Will Iron Man die in Avengers: Infinity War?

I doubt it

Most likely a few of the characters are going to die. But first, let's knock off the people who definitely aren't.


Spider-Man has only two films under his belt with Marvel currently with a confirmation of a Spider-Man: Homecoming Sequel right after Avengers. Currently he is a fan favorite for both the character and the actor, Tom Holland. Marvel would not want to risk the fan backlash of killing off one of the most beloved heroes so quickly.

Guardians of the Galaxy

The Guardians of the Galaxy were basically unknown before their 2014 movie which put them into the spot light. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is slated in 2020. James Gunn has said that that will be the final chapter for the Guradians that we know.

Dr. Strange

Doctor Strange is definitely not going to be leaving us for a bit. Due to the 2016 Movie's hit with fans, he's going to play a big role in the Avengers Infinity War Movie. I doubt he will die as he has just been introduced and it would seem unfair to the character to kill him off with only one movie other than Avengers.

Black Panther

Black Panther was first introduced in Captain America: Civil War played by Chadwick Boseman was a surprise among fans when he was first teased. He's got one movie before Avengers Infinity War and that is his upcoming Black Panther film. If we're following Marvel's usual solo film theme, Black Panther will still have at least 2 films left after Avengers.


Ant-Man and the Wasp confirmed for after Avengers and filming already wrapped so we will be seeing more of Scott Lang, Hank Pym, and Janet Van Dyne.

Captain Marvel

We are getting a Captain Marvel film in 2019 so we might see her in Avengers 3 or 4 but maybe not, either way she will survive.

Now that we've passed all the Characters who won't be dying, I believe that quite a few Characters will be dying. I believe due to leaked set images that Hawkeye will turn into Ronin that maybe his family that was shown in Avengers: Age of Ultron will die causing him to turn into Ronin. Vision obviously will die as he has the mind stone in his forehead so when Thanos comes to collect it, he will perish when the stone is taken.

Iron Man will survive as he started the MCU and fans adore him and RDJ so if anything, he will retire but not die.

I believe that either Captain America and/or Bucky Barnes will die causing the other to retire from the sorrow of the death. Chris Evans has been vocal of no longer portraying Captain America anymore and I believe that he will die and either cause Iron Man and The Winter Soilder to retire or Iron Man will retire and The Winter Soilder will take up the mantle of Captain America. Either way I believe that Iron Man retire and step out of the spotlight for a new Avengers line-up and be a sort of Mentor to the Avengers as he was to Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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I dont think so.

I see three potential reason for the MCU creators (Russo Brothers) to keep him alive

Money: Its an undeniable fact that Robert Downey Jr brings in a lot of money and people for the the franchise. Fans (including me) go nuts over the style, swag and the way he carries the character. Its is true that at one point MCU will need to let him go as he is also getting tired and old to play this role. Hence its is highly likely that they will make Iron man retire instead of killing him. Will killing him create a shock wave across the fans? Hell, yes. But its a risky choice , if MCU still goes ahead and does that, my respect will just increase skyhigh on them for taking such a big step for the sake of content.

Franchise: Its a known fact that this man (Tony Start aka Ironman aka Robert downey jr) kick started this franchise. It will be not a conventional way to end a franchise without the one who started it all. I strongly believe they will give him a exit from the franchise by keeping him alive

Emotion: Robert is a great actor. Though the character of him playing Tony Stark gave only few moments to exhibit his emotional side of acting, he struck gold with that. So I personally feel, he feeling for a dead avenger lying by his side or holding the hand (*cough cough trailer reference**) , that will create more impact by making the audience to cry with him. Though many love him, they also hate him for being such a unruly, self obsessed, head strong jackass. Seeing a character like that break down, is like making every fan of his to break down and an actor like Robert downey jr will walk a cake with that kind of a scene.

So yea, I think he wont die in the Avengers: Infinity War

Does dying hurt?

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