Will Narendra Modi win the Varanasi Lok Sabha Constituency by more than 2 lakh votes?

In 2014 Varanasi had 17.67 lakh voters, out of which 10.6 lakhs voted. Modiji got 5.8 lakh votes and the first runner up was Arvind Kejriwal Sir who got 2 lakh votes(approx).

Modiji organised a road show in Varanasi on 25th April and around 5–7 lakh people came and it was the biggest roadshow I ever witnessed in my life. There were speculations that Priyanka Vadra was going to contest election against Modiji. But now Ajay Rai who was also the previous candidate of Congress in 2014 and got 75k votes in the previous general elections, is again going to contest election against Modiji.

I hope you got your answer. If not then remember one thing about us Banarasis, "We are hardcore Deshbhakts."

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