Will Stan Lee's daughter write Marvel comics instead of Stan Lee?

Stan Lee didn't write comics regularly for nearly 50 years.

His daughter never wrote a story, as far as I know, and she is now probably too old to begin.

She will probably be the person who collects the royalties on behalf of the family, if there are no judicial problems.

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Is the MCU version of Spider-Man a photographer?

No, Spiderman doesn't become a (professional) photographer until after high school. He is just a sophomore in Spiderman: Homecoming (based on a deleted scene).

Which are the hindu gods?

Vedas and MonotheismDr. Vivek AryaI found western writers quoting that Swami Dayanand and Aryasamaj learned the very idea of Monotheism i.e. there is only one God from Christianity. They also says that the Vedas support Polytheism means worship of multiple God. The latest entry in in this list of Koenraad Elst.