Will aliens invade our world?

They have been noticed for tens of thousands of years and reading the Vedic and not as a religion you will discover this is the prelude to the Akashic. Wars were fought over continents in those times and yet that was to make a better human being, and that is as far as I go with that.

You have not earned the eight of eight so try again and make the question which unites an entire planet.

For all of the centuries they could have simply let us perish. Those in the UFOs are friends, treat them as such.

I have been taken and only recall small tiny fragments, their memory wipe is incredible. I have a total recall of my entire life. When those doors open to the idea of that reality then I am on a different level.

I am already full psychic. No bugs or nano transmitters allow them to talk with me. We communicate freely. As I say that. I know the position of the moon around the planet earth. why? no idea. they like me to know where friends are.

Thanks for the A2A.

In addition to Márcio Alves Marinho's answer, how? Assuming that the nearest alien species capable of interstellar travel is 20 light-years from here (and that's very overly optimistic), if they can achieve a speed of (again overly optimistic) 0.01% of light-speed, it would take them 2,000 years to get here. That's (if they're like us) about 80 generations. Do you really think that a species can retain a single goal for 80 generations? We certainly can't come close to that.

Faster than light travel is impossible, wormholes are impossible (if something as large as a marble entered one, the wormhole would collapse, destroying itself and the marble) and suspended animation for 2,000 years, having the ship guided by a computer for all that time, is science fiction.

So whether they'd be stupid enough to spend all their resources on a multi-decade project to invade us or not, they couldn't if they wanted to. Alien invasions are science fiction too. Even alien communications is science fiction. Remember, 20 light-years distance means that if we say something, and they're ready to answer immediately, it would be 40 years before we heard an answer. In most cases, the people trying to develop some form of common language would be in their middle to late years, so they'd be senile or dead by the time the answer came back, and the people receiving the answer wouldn't have any idea what it was. Even if they did, try to develop a common language with a fellow human when neither of you speaks any language common to either - like someone speaking the romance and Germanic languages (like, say, English, trying to establish communications with someone who speaks, say, Korean [no hand gestures or pictures allowed yet]). With 40 years between interchanges? It's not possible. (Now consider that the alien species doesn't use sound to communicate. Right here on earth, bees use the polarization of ultra-violet light to communicate. Communications in 10 lifetimes? I doubt it.)

There is actually an extremely simple way to contact and communicate with them but it takes some practice. Once you establish communications you learn very quickly there are ways to put a permanent end to pain, suffering, disease, death, pollution, anxiety, fear, slavery, hatred, etc on Earth. The solutions are grounded in true science and will unite the Earth's fragmented religions that today are not visibly delivering on the promises of the prophets. The knowledge aliens would bring is extremely disruptive because virtually every person on Earth is being taught, repeatedly, that what they would bring isn't possible to have.

So would it be a Hollywood style invasion of people eating cyborgs? No. Not at all. Would it be more like a visit from a long lost relative that ends up vastly improving your happiness and standard of living for no charge? Yes, much more like that. Is that an invasion? Maybe only to evil people who like to do bad things to others. For everyone else it's the real Independence Day.

Answering to the question - "Will aliens invade our world?

Invading ..nah I don't think so... earth doesn't posses any rarest of minerals which they wont find in hundreds of planets they cross while on their way to reach earth. The only precious thing our planet possess ,which they wont find (at least in our solar system ) is LIFE which makes us kinda valuable and it might even encourage them to improve our technology to greater standards and they might try to understand our culture and evolution.

That being said .. My answer ASSUMES that their planet is not Dying or Overly Populated and to our bad luck ... out of millions of planets, Earth is the only planet they can survive, then we are officially screwed. In that scenario , an invasion is absolutely possible and we will be either enslaved or become extinct.

Just to let the op know , we might already belong to the class of alien invaders as we have already landed a probe on mars.(Kinda cool isn't it).

The below image is true to certain extent:

If there are aliens with the technology to discover and then reach us, it will depend on whatever "values" such aliens might have. Plus it would also be determined by what they might require from either us or our planet.

We are becoming quickly aware of how very rare our planet actually is in the cosmos. Therefore any other intelligent species based upon a need for water in a liquid state and with a need to expand themselves elsewhere, would find our planet a rare jewel in the cosmos. And it might not take a nanosecond for them to look upon Earth with covetousness.

You can guarantee that if we discover another Earth-like world reasonably nearby and technologically accessible, we are going to attempt to go there and colonize it. So why would we be surprised if another intelligent species would choose to do the same?

The real problem would come if such aliens are no where near as "altruistic" as humans assume they themselves are. Which history has amply proven is a very false contention about our own highly aggressive species.

A nature that may always arise coincident with intelligence.

The odds are high that there are other intelligent aliens out there. However space is vast and not easy to speedily transit.

Let us hope that any intelligent species has arisen quite a distance from our solar system and they have not become aware of our planet's unique  state. And hopefully have not reached a level of technology which  could allow them to efficiently arrive expeditiously at our doorstep.

For it is a known fact of life that every living thing is hungry.

The whole topic and most of the answers here are related to human way of thinking. Invasion is a human thing. There is an old wisdom that says "a project will never come to an end if you keep destroying it." wars will never make civilization progress. The ancient Egyptians, the Babylonians and the Atlantis civilization are gone and then started all over again. An alien civilization should be very evolved and advanced to be able to make intergalactic trek.

There is another scientific fact that proves that nature will never allow a violent species to become advanced enough to invade and conquer other planets. Just look at the brain anatomy here.

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