Will burning 400 calories help lose weight?

Fatloss depends upon the total number of calories that you take and the number of calories you burn in a day.

Eg. If you eat 1000 calories a day and you burn 400, you will still gain fat as the remaining 600 calories will be stored in your body as bodyfat. Whearas if you eat 300 calories a day and burn 400 then your body will end up using the stored bodyfat in the form of the extra 100 calories that u burn that particular day. This is known as a caloric deficit diet, with a regular caloric deficit diet you will surely lose weight.

Tracking calories will help in the desired fatloss or musclegain program

Is it normal that my boyfriend didn't get me anything for my birthday?

NO.What most guys (sorry, massive generalizations about to happen) don't seem to understand that it's not about the present itself. It's not about a Hallmark greeting card, or a dozen long stemmed roses.We can buy things for ourselves - we have our own $$, and we can get what we

Which fruits are good to eat daily to stay fit and healthy?

Lemon & lime ( the juice of) on or in any & everything. Reason: it's cleansing, easy to add to any dish, provides acidic zip of flavor to your tongue and aids digestion in your tumtum.Pomegranate is loaded w/easily accessible nutrients to keep a body perky. Try POM brand in fridge section.Pineapple

How long did you think about ending your long term relationship before you actually did?

Well, how long did I think about ending it? From the first year we were married, 1975, until the day I broke free forever, May3,1983. In between those dates I endured beating after beating, unfaithfulness from him. I filed for divorce, had an affair