Will doing 100 burpees a day for 30 days help me lose weight?

Intermittent fasting has been very popular lately to lose weight. It is a diet where you alternately eat for a while and hold for a while. A popular version is the one where you fast for 24 hours once or twice a week. With another method, you get 16 hours every day and you eat all your food within a time of 8 hours. In a review study on intermittent fasting and round-the-day fasting, participants were found to observe a 4-7% decrease in fat over a period of 6 to 24 weeks. If you are interested to know the best way to do intermittent fasting, you can read this article: Is Intermittent Fasting Really The Best and Effective Strategy to Lose Weight?

My ex texts me after a week of no contact then not again. What do I do?

It depends, do you still have proper feelings for them? And do you know if they have any for you? If the breakup wasn't too harsh on anyone and if you both still have feelings for eachother I would text them back to see

How to prevent leg pain

According to the system of ancient Ayurveda the body is considered to be disease free when there is balance of the three energies namely – Vata (kinetic energy), Pitta (thermal energy) Kapha (potential energy). However, if there is an imbalance in the energies then

What is your favorite day of the week and why?

Actually Wednesday is my favorite day of the week. It is when I get the most tasks I typically am bad about putting off on other days of the week done, I get the most winding down time on Wednesday than other days of the week (save for Sunday on some days.) I typically have better days