Will doing 200 crunches a day help make my stomach stronger?

Simple answer, No.

Crunches don't make them stronger, and are probably not the best ab exercise.

Things like compound movements make the core stronger, then planks, rollouts, farmer carries, and pallof press to name a few will make the core strong.

Check this out, and you will get a free eBook. These are five great exercises to start with and build from there.

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Will being too sarcastic ruin the marriage?

Not necessarily, but its always wise and safe to remember the proverb that too much of anything is harmful. The most effective way is to follow the middle path, be as much sarcastic as you want but sugarcoat it..!! Because if you overdo it there is high probability of facing a fiery response and

How to lose weight minimum 1 kg in 3-4 days

It is very easy to loose weight. BELIVE ME.Zero sugar intake (sometime its ok)No Rice at all.No chapati only Jwari bread.Breakfast with Hara moong paratha very min oil.Green tea in morningOne egg without yolk in breakfast.Lunch with one jwari bread and veg curry or non veg curry.Evening take energy drink.Dinner with fry fish / sprouts ( no

Can a Mormon marry, or date a Jew?

Many beautiful Mormon girls are married to Jewish men in Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Pacific Palesades, etc. Most of these Mormon girls don't go to Church, or Synagogue either except for