Will people respect me more if I'm not overweight?

That depends on you.

They will like you and even respect you if you like yourself, act with confidence and hold up in your actions what you put up with your words.

In my case, I was always shy and introverted, easily intimidated and found it hard to socialize. But I actually looked pretty good, was tall and slender! Never liked myself though, and that is what people notice. You don't like yourself, you don't respect yourself, you don't stand up for nothing, so why would anyone else like you, respect you or stand up for you?

After my life took some detours, I'm now severely overweight (weight 160kg at 1,79m), but I "found myself", overcame my shyness, stopped caring about stupid details and started caring for the important stuff, started to like myself, love myself, respect myself and stand up for me and others in need.

And now nobody cares for how I look, but everybody respects me as I am.

So: stop worrying and start loving yourself as you are. The rest will follow.

Silence that stupid negative voice in your head and enjoy life.

Have fun! Bye

When Arvind Kejriwal promised to send all corrupt politicians to jail, how can an AAP member ask to vote for BSP and SP Gundas? Is AAP a major loser in this election?

AAP is a like local regional party restricted to Delhi. Kejriwal after ditching Anna Hazare started it as continuation of IAC against the wish of Anna. Now he has to tell something now to woo the people and he did

What are the best kettlebell exercises for bulking purposes?

Any kettlebell complex (series of exercises done without putting the weight down). Preferably done with double bells.Most kettlebell exercises are applicable in these complexes, but remember to keep good form. If you aren't taxing your muscles correctly, they won't grow, however heavy the bell! Swings

Why did the United States drop two atomic bombs on Japan in World War II?

It was the only way to get the Japanese to stop fighting. The people who argue against the use of bombs seem to have no idea of the circumstances of their use and no idea of what the alternatives were. Apparently, people who take