Will resistance bands build muscle?

Yes resistance bands are a great way to build muscle. With that being said it is also not the best way or the worst way. Resistance bands used in addition to some sort of weight training will produce the best results.

Essentially, resistance training is a way to change fat and turn it into muscle. When using resistance bands or some form of resistance and you exercise with a high amount of reps you are activating more muscle fibers more consistently which will in turn burn the surrounding fat and develop stronger muscle.

Think of it like cardio for one specific muscle or muscle group at a time. The goal is to implement a high amount of reps and feel the light but consistent burn in your targeted muscle.

If you implement resistance training with weight training you will notice that your muscle develops in a way that gives you the edge over those who only train with weights. Your muscle fibers will develop thoroughly throughout the muscle rather than balling up and growing with no flexibility.

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Is drinking on a regular basis (4-6 pegs) OK if you work out and do cardio 6 days a week (5 mile jog)?

I'm not actually sure what 4–6 pegs means, but it kind of depends on your goals. Healthwise, like internally, drinking too much too often is not healthy for your organs. Many alcohols are also made with chemicals, which can harm your body. Working out will not negate the effects of alcohol on

Can God die?

Well, this turns interesting.By the very definition of God, as far as the Hinduism goes, is the sole entity which makes, controls and destroys stuff. (we are included in this 'stuff'). Interestingly, GOD is appropriately Generator, Operator and Destroyer. Also this entity is said to be

Is it possible to workout after 35 to get six pack abdomen?

Yes absolutely, To have a six pack its necessary that you have to have low body fat to have the six pack visible.building a six pack in six months is very easy considering your body fat is already under control. you need if you are under