Will someone marry me after knowing I have had 5 relationships in the past?

Sure they would. Dating and having a relationship is about getting to know one and find out if you two match up to each other. A relationship all comes to a point - either you two are meant for each other or not, if not you move on until you find the right one and they feel your the right one. Don't worry about it - true life long love happens. I have seen to many people marry for the wrong reasons and if never last. Both of you will know if the two of you are right.

What are the top reasons couples divorce in Middle East?

I asked this question to all my middle eastern contacts through a broadcast on WhatsApp to find out their common answers. These are the top 5 most repeated answers on biggest reasons for divorce:Cheating (Having a secret relationship with another person of the opposite sex)Intellectual incompatibility between the spouses meaning having different standards, goals

What is the way to strengthen my confidence levels?

Read a lot.Knowledge gives you a unique confidence to be able to deal with several situations. When you know things, or when you are aware of the surroundings, you are automatically able to make better decisions. On the other hand, when you are clueless about something, it creates a sense of doubt and

Is body building actually bad for you? If so, why do people continue to do it?

That answer is a yes-or-no depending on the person is if it would be good for you or not. Because I would say that's to do with the personalities first of all some people might be too weak to bodybuild second of all people might overdo