Will the housing market crash in the Toronto any time soon?

Nobody knows.

With houses, stock, and bonds, if investors knew when the market was going to crash, they'd all attempt to sell out just before the crash to maximize their profits and thus cause the market to crash earlier. If investors could prevent the market from crashing, they'd do so. All that's possible is to recognize when the housing/equity/bond market is in a bubble with a statistically increased risk of a crash and to respond appropriately.

How to get firm abs if you're skinny

Several ways.  First: don't do crunches. They put a tremendous amount of pressure on your lower back and are actually quite ineffective.Planks and side planks safely work your abs.  Pilates is great -- and killer.Any resistance training will work your abs as a secondary. Push ups, pull ups, squats, bench press, dead lifts,

What's something for which you're naturally talented but haven't practiced enough to become good at yet?

In high school, I found out that I was good at logic, math, and chemistry. I got only one answer off on 2 of my math finals, though I failed the class because I didn't show up or do any