Will the idea of marriage end soon?

I was just wondering the same thing. There are very few other animals that operate within the confines of this lifestyle. The rate of divorce has grown and is now around 53% in the USA and even as high as 71% in a less religious country like Belgium.

It seems that living in this lifestyle is not conducive to human nature. Humans main goal, like other animals, is to reproduce. Living with one mate for an extended period of time does not give one the best chance to procreate, compared to one that mates with multiple mates.

Religion doesn't seem to be going away but divorce is growing, people aren't as afraid of religion as once before and women are more independent in most countries then they've ever been in the past. I see religion dying eventually, along with county borders and currency. This of course is after the robot revolution that allows humans to not have to work and live without need. Although humans will probably destroy the world before this...

But anyway, marriage is outdated, unnecessary and mostly used for financial convenience. I see it dying a slow death, like a lot of other social conventions. Marriage historically has been around for a while but was mostly a way for men to own women, plus getting a dowry, land, etc...

Humans like having spouses though, raising kids and having a bond with one another, but all this is possible without marriage. In the stone age there was communal parenting, which has a lot of benefits, including a closer bond with your community. Today we are too fixed on family and treat them differently then others, but this is a mistake.

I wouldn't be surprised to see communal parenting return as marriage disappears, this of course, all after the robot revolution. But what do I know :) 

Marriage has of benefits but causes a lot of pain and harm. Life might be simpler and easier without these societal constraints. Men don't own women anymore, you're not going to hell if you get divorced, and there is no such thing as your true love. You're just a bunch of animals creating artificial rules, confining yourself to cages pretending your free and acting like your shit don't stank. Humans are the only animals that don't know what they're doing.

"Oh no! My husband left me," said no black widow spider ever. The females eat their mates after sex, lol.
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