Will the marriage of a beautiful girl and an ugly looking guy sustain?

On whose opinion are we basing the fact that she is pretty and he is "ugly?"

If she is thinking, "I'm pretty and he is ugly," I would say emphatically NO. She is shallow, unappreciative, and does not prioritize what is truly valuable in a partner.

If he is thinking, "She is beautiful and I am ugly," I would say MAYBE. He needs to understand that she values him for more than just his looks, and perhaps he is not giving himself enough credit (nor is he giving her the credit she deserves. Does he love a woman he thinks to be so superficial?) If he keeps such a low opinion of himself, eventually she will share it.

Matters of self-esteem and self-worth are devastating. Please do yourself a favor and seek help for this, either from friends or from a professional. You are worth it, and any thoughts to the contrary are only hurting you, the people who love you, and the people you love. My heart is with you xx
How to deal with my 29 year old son who is an extreme narcissist

If you are using this term in the psychological realm, as opposed to simple vanity, then he needs to see a psychiatrist. Is it just his appearance,or is he oblivious to his own errors,does he lash back when given critiscism or advice,does he have a seriously unrealistic vision of his abilities, future, and blame everything on others?Wishing you well.

I'm 17, how can I make my cheeks slimmer without exercising?

To reduce plenty of the fat you need to engage in facial exercises. The best exercises you need to engage in are:Neck and chin exercisesThese moves aid in helping you to firm your neck muscles and as a result burn fat in