Will there ever be another tech company as big as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, or Microsoft?

Chances that it will happen today are none. Chances that it will happen this year are none. Chances that it will happen in a decade are reasonable. Chances that it will happen in a century are almost certain.

Yes, technology evolves. Just look at the history of companies.

Microsoft and Apple in the 1970s, Google and Amazon in the 1990s, Facebook in the 2000s, Uber Snapchat Twitter (among many others) in the 2010s

So yes, technology evolves, new big companies will form in 2020s, has to be :)

Can too much stress cause cancer?

This is an excellent question. The answer is unknown. It is clear that stress will cause changes in the physiology of your body. It affects different people in different ways. Some people just cope with stress better than others. As others have noted, stress can lead to unhealthy lifestyles. It can also directly affect your

Did you ever make money from a smartphone? If yes, then how?

Yes, you can make money from your cellphone there are alot of options available. Like if you're a photographer then you can sell your pics online and earn money in dollars.If you are a good editor then you can edit pics for people and can also earn from it simultaneously you can participate in competitions which helds on

Why does my battery percentage decrease if I drop my phone?

Dropping your phone shouldn't decrease your battery percentage.I should know, I've done it on more occasions than I can remember.However, if the drop is sufficient enough, it could cause internal damage to the battery which is actually a very dangerous occurrence.Batteries are Lithium Ion & they