Will using 'leg press machine', 'chest press machine',' lateral pull down machine', 'shoulder press machine' and 'biceps curls machine' help me build muscles and look more muscular?


It is not so much about the source of the resistance.

It is more about picking you exercises and then trying to improve on them.

Improving means either you lift more weight, do more reps, or finish the whole exercise faster.

Each of these 3 will lead to hypertrophy, as long as you lift in the hypertrophy range

(8–12 reps, 3–4 sets).

That being said, machines are good for your first 1–3 months or so.

After that, you will have to change up things to avoid injury.

Machines are not as good as free weights.

You don't have to stabilize the weight in all directions, so all those muscles which would get involved as stabilizers, remain untrained using machines.

Some are even hazardous.

Squatting in the Smith Machine comes to mind.

Prefer Hammer Strength Style machines which let you operate each arm independently.

These are kind of an improvement over the older fixed handle designs.

But, if there are no health reasons which keep you away from free weights, grow some balls, go to the power rack.

A good tactic would be, to employ a trainer to show you the technique for Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Presses and Over head Presses.

Because at first, it will be empty bar work, you will still be working out with your machines, but, at the same time learning about the big 4.

So when time come to leave the machines for the free weights, you will be ready technique wise.

If you learn to do these 4 exercise safely, you can do all weight exercises safely, using the things you will have learned by doing them.

(Except some olympic lifts maybe which are even more technical and not really needed)

You cannot expect serious progress with only machines.

Progressive calisthenics would be a much better alternative to just machine training.

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It's been calculated that the average push-up loads around 60% of your body weight onto your arms. If, e.g., I weigh around 100 kg, and can do 15 push-ups, should I be able to bench press 60 kg for around the same number of reps?

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