Will you buy a Tesla Model 3?

I'm sure all the Tesla worshipers and crazies will say they will.  What remains to be seen is if regular people will.  Whether the people that have barely heard of Tesla will become aware of them, and then consider the Model 3 as a singular purchase option against all the other cars under consideration.  What could create the volume they need to make the car a  financial success, will be if influencers get excited and buy them.  Regular car enthusiasts who may not be trend/fad oriented, but who buy new cars to try them, then tell their friends.  Because despite what all the Telsa worshipers think, not everyone has either heard of the company, nor believes the hype and silly hyperbole.

At the moment, I have 12 cars, from the ridiculous to the sublime.  I've had hybrids, diesels, and all sorts of other oddball cars.  I'd totally buy a Model 3 if it has decent quality and has a nice interior, which is why I never bought a Model S (the interior just always felt chintzy to me).  I know lots of other car guys/girls who feel the same way about both the interiors, as well as the silly gimmicks (those idiotic door handles for one).  For my $100k, I'd expect it to be at least as nice as what I can get from cars like Audi, etc.  If the Model 3 is really $35-50K, its practical and well laid out, has a nice interior that's not gimmicky, I'd totally buy one. 

Personally, I'm hoping they knock it out of the park, and build something that's approachable by regular people, which could establish them as a mainstream brand over time, which is the only way they'll survive as an independent company and ongoing concern.

Perhaps, assuming they're eventually offered for sale.

I'd also want to make sure they were technically superior to similar BEVs, at least relative to their (presumably) higher cost. Chevy's new Bolt, for example, seems like a nice car, and it's likely to be less expensive. The next-gen Leaf might not be a bad car either, and it will cost a lot less than the III...maybe I could buy a Leaf and keep my old gas guzzler for long trips?

I'd also want to make sure Tesla has worked out the various quality, durability, and reliability issues with the Model S that have kept Consumer Reports from recommending the brand. No sense in wasting my hard-earned dollars on a car built by a brand that can't figure out how to build a car with average reliability, even after 4 years of production.

Also, since the Model III will be an all-new vehicle and share very few parts with the Model S, I wouldn't consider buying one until the vehicle has at least a year's worth of history. If there are any reports of drive unit failures or fires - like there were with the Model S - I'm out.

Finally, I'd only buy a Model III (or any other EV) if it made financial sense to do so. If the cost of buying and operating a gas powered car is lower, that's what I'm going to do. Every dollar counts in my life.

Come to think of it, I'm not going to buy a Model III. Heaven help anyone who does!

As I see it Tesla's priorities in approximate order are:-

1) Survive Financially.

2) Make products.

3) Design new and improved products.

4) Fund and deploy expansion.

5) Keep customers happy....

It is not that customer happiness isn't on the list, just that some things in particular 1) are higher on the list.

Adding to the problem is that when problems occur they often are not well handled....

But problems are inevitable, the biggest issue was when customers ordered cars with AP1 and got AP2.....

But looking at the big picture Tesla had no other alternative, so they can't avoid problems, the issue is how to best handle problems when they arise .... they can get better, and they should get better ....

But that brings us back to 1) Survive Financially - when Model 3, Solar Roof and Storage battery income lands, we may see a revised list of priories.

1) Design new and improved products.

2) Keep customers happy....

3) Fund and deploy expansion.

4) Make products.

5) Survive Financially.

Should the happy day of this revised set of priorities occur, Tesla will handle this type of issue much better .. IMO it should be a year or 2 away .. it is worth being patient and hoping it arrives.

Yes, and maybe even as my first car. If the Model 3 will be anything like the Model S, it will blow all other ICE vehicles out of the water and be just and economical to purchase.

Tesla' entire strategy was for the Model S to be the sedan for the upper middle class and upper class and for the Model X to be the SUV for the upper middle class and upper class, while reserving the new Roadster (to be releasing around 2019) to be the electric "supercar", per se, for the upper class.

On the other hand, the Model 3 is rumored to cost around $35,000 and as a student who's parents have said that I will get a new car for my first car, I think the Model 3 is an excellent purchase as I will avoid all maintanence costs and I can avoid to pay for gas while having a car that is ahead of its time.

Tesla is a company with a vision for the future, and I intend to be a part of the steps into the future, not holding on to the past.

Yes, I'm most certainly putting my deposit in come March 31.  If the model 3 is half as good as the model S, it'll be a home run hit. Tesla has defied all odds to become a relevant company against famed automobile manufacturers with 100's of years of history. The fact that it can make cars with speeds rival super cars is just mindboggling considering all their cars are electric and emission free. To get a car that's around $40K and become less gasoline dependent is a no brainer.

No. And there are two main reasons for that

  1. although the torque delivered by the electric motor is substantial , and it cranks out 700 HP, it is largely gutless. Like opening your presents before Christmas Day.
  2. I am a car guy. My main love for cars stems from hearing an ICE kick into life , like a beating heart. Smelling the gasoline and hearing the engine rev, spining the tires, and whisking me away to wherever I want to go. I could never feel comfortable in a purely electric vehicle.

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