Will you stay with someone who never loved you?

i stayed and he left. Dont do this to yourself is what i will suggest you.the thing that is shown in movies does not work in real lives. "0" reciprocation can make things worse in the long run. Like it is said, you love a person more, when you start doing favors to them.

Dont fall prey for this.

Ultimately, no. I was in this situation many years ago. After a few years I left because every time I wanted to say "I love you" and to express my deepest feelings (particularly after times of intimacy). I could not. Or if I did, it would be met with silence. It was the worst kind of torture for me and it broke my heart. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do with regards to a relationship, but I knew that if I stayed long term, it would never be enough. That I would feel more and more miserable and my self esteem would suffer even more. If you are in this situation, then you have my absolute sympathy. You owe it to yourself to find someone that loves you andis able to genuinely reciprocate those feelings. It may be a very hard thing to do, ending your relationship, and likely it will take more than one try. But if your partner has ANY respect for you and at least cares about you, they will let you go without causing you any further emotional turmoil. When you do find that special person, and you will, and they respond to your words of love in kind. You will KNOW it was worth it. I promise. Best of luck. xx

yup if the person is useful to me like providing resources(money) or some services that i want daily like someone cooking for me

Relationship is all business at the end of the day

Getting special treatment is called as love


If couple love each other unconditionally they won't be cheating and their won't have such high divorce rate

Never ever do this mistake, forget him now or later you have to pay...

No.. Love is it.

No ..

Hell no why waste your time living in denial of something that truly will never be

Can a cop pull over another cop on active duty, or arrest another cop on duty?

No, this silly question keeps coming up, but the only idiot cop that would try to write another officer a ticket on-duty would be a misfit looking for a stress or harassment retirement. I would have told him or her to take a flying act of fornication and walked away.

I feel bad to remind relatives to return my money they have borrowed and promised to return. Is that normal?

Generally speaking, it's a bad policy to lend money to family or friends. Even when your intentions are good and you truly want to help them out. It can be, and often is, very damaging to the relationship.Oftentimes, even if you don't ask for the money to be repaid, their

Have you ever thought of hating someone?

Hate is beyond thought. The urge to hate springs from a different place than one's mind. It can get filtered through the mind and receive energy or lose steam due to such a process, but there are likely millions of examples of hate completely bypassing one's mind and rushing through the body like a race car. Sadly from that