With the rapid advances in technology, many jobs will be replaced by machines. What jobs are safe from automation?

Surgeons, carpenters, and plumbers. These jobs are highly improvisational. It's not something a robot would be very good at unless it was tremendously dexterous, and not something easy to teach an AI. I want to say Jazz musicians too, only computers are starting to compose music that isn't awful, and you don't need anything but a speaker to make music come out.

Prostitutes (WestWorld notwithstanding), because I suspect most human beings would rather hump another human being. We do have remote-controlled dildos now, though. I hear it's the next best thing to being there.

Maids and butlers, because the whole point is to have a human servant. I think personal service is going to make a big comeback once computers and robots really begin to take over jobs. Not that housecleaning isn't something a robot could do effectively for the common masses. It's the snob-appeal of having a human servant, when you could have a robot.

How long does it take to get skinny?

By Fasting.Long fasts are great unless you are underweight or pregnant. If you are underweight then a short few days fast is better for you and if you are pregnant then you shouldn't fast at all. Fasting is great for everything. Within 24–48 hours fasting, your

How long to build a swimming pool?

Depends, above ground or in ground? The difference is quite drastic. The average above ground 24′ x 52″ swimming pool (steel sided) can be put up by a professional installer in about an hour or two. For the homeowner with no previous experience, you

When doing heavy weightlifting/strength training, is it possible for the brain to reach a state of pseudo-hypoxia?

Not ordinarily. However, there are situations where a black out can happen.If you do a front squat and the bar is too far back on your delts and pressing on your throat, it can obstruct blood flow to the brain.In Olympic lifts like the clean, there is a