Working for 2 banks for 8 years, I realized that I don't enjoy what I m doing. Trying to know at the age of 35, what do I love to do, how do I do that?

Try these:

My Next Move

O*NET OnLine

If those don't work, try your local Wagner-Peyser/WIOA funded Employment Office. There are many tests and books designed to assist you with this exact question. The people working at your WIOA or State Employment Office can help point you in the right direction.

How is the Japanese school security like?

Rather than school security I think it is more than neighborhood securityJust like Sue Umezaki said in most places the community, especially the retired citizens, would be the ones patrolling for outsiders, as well as look out for fires and robberies. Also there are a lot of

I have 25% body fat and a 33 inch waist. Is that too much?

A2A.It depends on your height, build, age and whether you are male or female.For example, 25% body fat is considered to be on the healthy side of average for a female, though the fit to super fit range would be 14%-24%.For a male, 25%