Would America be in a better or worse position if Saddam had stayed inpower?

The invasion of Iraq was the single worse event to have happened for American power, and as an extension, Americans in US history.

Before a historian calls me out on being overly influenced by recent events, I am going to counter that this analysis is strictly based on long-term harm. The Civil War was deadly, but it ultimately led to a stronger union with fewer divisions. Pearl Harbor killed many people, but America emerged after WWII as the world's greatest power. In fact, I am more well-acquainted with early American history than current events.

Without a doubt, the invasion of Iraq was the worst event to have ever happened for Americans. A solid dictator keeping Iran and terrorists out was eliminated, at the cost of trillions, to turn Iraq into a playground for Iran and terrorists. China and Russia rose during the turmoil. America's entire geopolitical strategy worldwide has been upended. This has heralded America's decline, from a superpower into what will be a "first among equals".

U.S. to face 2030 as 'first among equals,' report projects

The Muslim community's collective goal has also been quite effective. America spent trillions in Afghanistan and Iraq and tried to rebuild these countries only to see these Muslims kill their own people, destroy everything that was built for them, and mass reproduce for the collective Muslim's goal for Islam to conquer the world. All of this was in bin Laden's plan to conquer the world, by the way.


America tried to rebuild Afghanistan and Iraq as a response to 9/11 (which country has ever done this?), but all the reconstruction money was embezzled by a few warlords, corrupt contractors, and corrupt government officials. Many American veterans saw the enrichment of Afghan and Iraqi warlords, as well as American mercenaries, who made millions each, and wanted a piece of the cake, so a full half are declaring disability, perhaps for the rest of their lives.

U.S. inspector general paints grim picture of Afghanistan reconstruction

Through this all, the Chinese have been secretly smiling while it main rival's national purpose becomes more divided and the Muslims keep playing their hide-and-seek terrorism game, with American "allies" such as Saudi Arabia building extremist mosques all over the world so America could burn itself out swatting terrorists.

Did you know that all analysis shows that 9/11 probably cost 3000 American lives and $100 billion in economic harm? The invasion of Iraq has cost 4425 dead, 500,000 injured, meaning far more broken families than caused by 9/11, as well as $6 trillion dollars. 9/11 produced a wave of global sympathy while Bush's Iraq war produced a wave of hate leading to much more terrorist activity and economic decline.

The decline of the economy meant that millions of middle-class Americans who would have been born had the wars never happened were never born, and this will just give way to more Muslim refugees who have the religious mandate to reproduce explosively and flood other countries. Do you know that the hadith, the second most important source of knowledge in Islam is pretty clear that population growth can conquer countries? Even the president of Turkey, a "moderate" Muslim country and member of NATO agrees.

Turkey's Erdogan Says Family Planning Not for Muslims

Meanwhile, skyscrapers and factories rise all over China, exporting goods that Americans are too lazy to produce themselves. Did I mention that the country that sent astronauts to the moon doesn't even have a manned space program right now? China has two.

America would be in a better position.  Saddam was a murderer, a corrupt tyrant and every other vile thing you can think to say about him.  However he was a threat to to Ayatollahs in Iran, to the oil producers in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Both of which made the US position stronger.  I made an enemy wary and two friends grateful.
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