Would I pay the retail price for a Tesla Model S, or do Tesla stores deal like traditional car dealerships?

There are two ways to get a cheaper price on a Tesla:

First, buy a demo unit. You will save several thousand dollars. Equally important, you should also be able to get the Federal tax credit (and maybe state incentives too, if any). The incentives go to the first person to license the vehicle.

Second, buy a used vehicle, either from Tesla or another dealer or private party. In this case, you won't get the incentives, since the first owner got them. That could make the used car more expensive than the demo, so watch for that.

If you buy a new car, you can get a referral code from an existing owner to save $1000. Here is my link if you are interested: Referral | Tesla

Other than that, I don't know ways to pay less for a Tesla.

All sales are done via their web site Tesla Motors | Premium Electric Vehicles
The Tesla stores do not operate like car dealerships. Stores do not earn any commission from sales and cannot therefore reduce their commission to give you a better price.

Tesla does not have dealerships. No, you can't "deal" for a better price. (You can get $1000 referral credit from a friend IF you buy a NEW Tesla.) IF you like the car...the car price is clearly shown on Tesla's website. Plain & Simple

Is it good to buy a Tesla car?

That is a very broad question. It can be answered better by what particular aspect would be good.Here are some things that you can interpret how you see fit.Tesla is a zero emissions vehicle. There are enough sources for producing clean electricity, and no matter how you look at

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