Would WW2 have happened if Germany won?

100 milion Slavs (Poles, Russians, Belarussians, Ukrainians etc.) would have been re-settled to Siberia or murdered. Perhaps more. Middle East might be under German control as well. The access to vast resources might mean that the arms race and space race in particular could be won by Germany. So. let's sum up: unbelievable genocide - bigger than commited by Mao and Stalin combined - plus high-tech progress (rockets, jets) and a dream to destroy America, which would be then within grasp with ballistic missiles and nuclear bombs. Would Nazis stop having under control Western and Eastern Europe, North Africa and British Islands? Don't think so. Mexico might be then dragged into the conflict on the side of the Axis and provide a valuable ally on the continent. The future of the world would be very grim.

Are you asking ‘Would World War Two happen if Germany won World War One?'

Yes there still would have been a World War Two had Germany won World War One.

There was the fighting in Asia/Pacific region that broke out in 1937 when Japan invaded China.

Back in Europe if Germany won WW1, then the French and British would have lost. This would have meant that the Treaty of Versailles would have been drawn up by the Austrians and the Germans. France especially would have felt hard done by and would have resolved to get revenge as soon as possible.

Possibly but by some of the losing parties of the previous war.

Probably Russia since they lost a big chunk of their territory after WWI.

The only way Germany could have won the war, was not attack France , and just invade Russia. Nobody would have stopped them, or even cared in the rest of Europe. It would have made for good newspaper coverage.

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