Would WW2 have happened if WW1 never happened?


By that time, there were strong feelings of nationalism between countries. Especially, Britain and Germany had a rivalry which can be shown by the "naval arms race" (kind of like space race, but for boats). Not to mention, tensions between Austria-Hungary and Serbia had been increasing. If WWI had not started, the next World War would probably have looked very similar to WWI.

A few factors for why WW2 would happen and how it would be similar to WWI:

  1. WWI was the first "total war" for most European countries, a total war is where a government uses all its resources towards winning that war. If the we had skipped World War I, I assume that we would still do trench warfare because of lack of experience.
  2. Many people in WWI were enthusiastic to join, believing that war is glorious and will result in fame and honor to their country. This changed drastically as we can see from culture in the inter-war periods(between world wars). Because WWI wasn't there, nationalistic tensions would have only increased

I would assume that the war would start around the 1930s or the 1940s. This is because the discovery of nuclear fission would push countries to fight each other before the atomic bomb would be created.

Here is how this new war would have been different

  1. There is a good chance that Russia would not have been in the war. Considering the time the Russian Revolution happened.
  2. The Great Depression (worldwide) would probably not have happened
  3. Hitler wouldn't have come to power, so the Holocaust wouldn't happen

One of the biggest questions would be: Would the Cold War happen?

Yes, I believe that the Cold war would be the World war. The Cold War was between world superpowers US and USSR. This new world would involve all the major powers in the nuclear arms race: US, USSR, Britain, France, Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Japan.

I hope this helps, feel free to suggest ideas or make a different claim.

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