Would a white Afrikaaner become the president of South Africa?

Although it is unlikely that an Afrikaner becomes President of South Africa any time soon, it is not out of the realm of possibility.

Even within the ruling ANC, there are a few high ranking Afrikaners who are a part of the National Executive and hold posts in cabinet. The highest ranking being Derek Hanekom.

It's perfectly plausible that a white South African could become a president again, and for that matter an Afrikaner South Africa (one would say a sub-set of "White South Africans".

One simply has to look to the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro, which encompasses the city of Port Elizabeth. In the 2016 Local Government Elections, the city's population elected Athol Trollip as the Executive Mayor. (He rules under a coalition structure with another opposition party).

I'm not an indigenous African. But, I'm struggling with the question and some of the responses. A few thoughts:

  • Afrikaaner ruling over Africans didn't work. "Afrikaaner" is a colonial and Apartheid term. How can a person who calls themselves an "Afrikaaner" represent the interests of black South Africans? That's tantamount to a Nazi living in Israel claiming he/she is going to seek office as the Prime Minister of Israel. Israelis would burn down Israel before they would permit a Nazi to assume any leadership role especially while calling themselves a "Nazi."
  • Afrikaaner ideology contains some Calvinism element (the chosen people nonsense). I don't forsee thoughtful and critical South Africans accepting Calvinism after experiencing the Apartheid. One could easily argue that the element of Calvinism fueled the Apartheid. And, there is an "Afrikaaner Calvinism" ideology.
  • Afrikaaners are either African or not. If you must represent Africa, one would think you'd call yourself "African." Afrikaaners are descendents of Dutch immigrants in South Africa, I get it. Also, I understand some people are descendent of Dutch immigrants and Black South Africans and they call themselves Afrikaaners. But, descendents of lawyers don't call themselves "lawyers." I personally know descendents of "American Pilgrims" and they don't call themselves, "Pilgrims."

To me, it doesn't seem prudent, especially not under the social framework on both sides, African and Afrikaaner.

Too soon.

(I live in Jozi BTW)

I saw a comparison to Barack somewhere here. But it's not really the same. Although unfortunate, the truth is that all white people in South Africa are still directly associated (not necessarily meaning they participated in) with apartheid. It only ended 20 odd years ago. So it's more like asking if a German with Nazi family history, even though distant (who was currently an Israeli citizen) would ever become the president of Israel. I know we wanna all be PC and say why not.

But TBH, the answer is a hard no.

Possibly controversial opinion: I think out of respect for what happened they shouldn't even run. They definitely should participate in government in many other constructive ways and remain allies to a better South Africa (remaining voting citizens, local government positions, remaining a visible part of public discourse etc.) but a little shame goes a long way. And yes. There should be a general feeling of shame and remorse the Afrikaner descendants should maintain and commemorate for what happened. Knowing your past is knowing how to approach your future.

The constitution of course says anyone can be president, as long as you are a South African, the aim is not to create a multi-racial South Africa, but to create a non-racial South Africa, in other words your skin color should not matter.

Presidency is based on elections, and elections are a numbers game, Africans make up more than 80% of the citizens, even though DA ( white party) is gaining steady amount of votes.

Given the history, some black people will be skeptical of an Afrikaaner president, they may think he might take us back to apartheid, and the ANC has lied to people saying if a white man were to be president, he will definitely bring back apartheid, which is bull dust.

The man below is Mr FW De Klerk , he was the last president of Apartheid RSA, he was also a Deputy president in the new RSA between 1994–1996, Deputy president still counts as president right.

Troll question alert!

This is like asking if a descendant of Imperial Japan would be a President of China or if a Nazi sympathiser would be the PM of Israel. The answer is NO.

They've tried in the past and failed miserably. Because they didn't represent the average South African nor looked like one. Now what makes you think South Africans would elect a white Afrikaaner to rule them.

Notice that people who said yes are white folks and being an executive mayor of NMB under a coalition government is a whole DIFFERENT ballgame than being a president of SA.

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