Would eating a mostly raw vegan diet be enough to reap the health benefits?

5 days a week is great!  Healthy lifestyles come from what we do most of the time.  Here are some benefits of a Raw Vegan Diet:
1.     All foods and calories are not equal.  Organics and raw organic plants have higher nutrition than cooked or conventional Calories In and Calories Out is an Incorrect Metric; All Calories are NOT Created Equal
2.     You're eating better oils and fats.  Because you're not eating any heated fats you're not eating any rancid fats. (heat makes oil rancid that's why we don't store it on the windowsill).
3.     You're eating plant based.  Raw vegan is vegan and loaded with vegetables.  Adios cholesterol.
4.     Hopefully you're eating more organic.  (I'm not advocating high priced organics.) There are vast nutritional  benefits with organic plant food.
5.     New healthy habits are fun!
6.     Your plumbing may improve.  J 
7.     Raw food is DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELICIOUS and can be very rich and awesome.  I will only eat raw vegan desserts and raw vegan pizza.  Top of the line!
8.     Vegetable juice is raw vegan and a wonderful addition for all.
You can be raw vegan and avoid of limit the following but they are worthy of mention (especially if you're eating out or buying pre made raw vegan food).  Other pros and cons of raw vegan can be:
1.      A lot of fruit.  Excellent if you need antioxidants and cleansing but not favorable if you have diabetic issues.
2.     A lot of nuts and fat.  Frankly too many for me, but if you thrive on nuts and fat that can be good, but fat is still fat. I recommend journaling to know your result.
3.     A lot of dehydrated.  Dehydrated foods, like cooked foods, can suck the water right out of you.
Vegan junk food is better for you than non-vegan junk food (cholesterol) and raw vegan desserts are better for you than regular desserts.
If you're watching your weight I recommend that you journal, that way you will know:  8 Reasons Why You Must Keep a Food Journal or "Oh, please! Not the food journaling thing again!"
Hopefully the other % of your time will be organic plant proteins (for example beans) and organic vegetable based food.  Find you own balance and enjoy the journey.  Personally I'm not going to go fanatic and try to eat artichokes raw or worry if my mustard is cooked or raw.  If I can help let me know. I've been a raw vegan chef for a zillion years! I'm "mostly raw" too! My first book, Michele the Trainer's Quick Start is raw veg* plant based (with one mention of organic local raw honey; it is raw, organic, plant based no fruit, no fat, no nuts, no dehydrating:  Amazon.com: Michele the Trainer: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle
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