Would humanity survive if everyone was male?

Hahah, I needed that laugh. I'm going to take a crack at it anyways, If we're speaking biologically male; XY chromosomes, male hormonal panel, aspects of a typically male brain etc. then I would say obviously not. However we can get into the whole evolution of science and I'm sure men would figure out a way to grow their offspring in Petri dishes, so short answer : probably yes. Longer answer would involve, "gender identity", but also the fact that, "everyone was male", so they WERE male and then some became female ??? Also ... and most importantly... who would cook them dinner and clean up after them ???? obviously they couldn't survive !

No, there would be too much muscle and not enough breasts. Most men need breasts, soft hairless breast. Gay and Bisexual men would be fine. They would just eat coffee and drink truffles.

I think it depends on the time and places this event took place.

For example, if only males were left alone in the far future, where clone technology and artificial zygotes are made possible, the continuation of humanity is plausible with only one gender.

If this event were to take place in the past, suppose a devastating plague permanently wiped out one gender, it is highly unlikely for humans to reproduce sexlessly without the assistance of some forms of technologies.

This is a stupid question with an obvius answer.

Even if men could produce babies in the vats men are very unsuitable for taking care of the babies and young children and they have very little desire to do that.

so even if men had a chance to survive technically they would just get extinct for psychological reasons

In fact we are observing this in modern world where women are becoming more masculine and nobody wants children anymore


My answer is going to be maybe. This depends on if all females of all species die or just human females. We're pretty much able to create babies in a lab and I don't think we're that far away from making egg cells from skin cells or potentially using ape egg cells to sort of crossbreed. Also consider this: after the women are gone we'll still probably have around 100 years, without sexual distraction imagine the advancements in science. (Not just sexbots)

Just for fun: The opposite with only women surviving would be easier, just one little trip to the sperm Bank.

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