Would speed walking three miles be better exercise than jogging three miles?

They are probably about the same. Normally, running burns nearly twice the calories per mile compared to walking. But, in your question, you specifically mention speed walking and "jogging".

Jogging is not a defined human gait. Humans either run or walk. Jogging is something a paper stacking machine does to get the edges aligned. When you say ‘jogging', you probably mean very slow running and the calorie burn rate for very slow running can be quite low.

Similarly, ‘speed walking' can be very fast and can be a very high calorie burner. It is entirely possible for a speed walker to have a faster pace, and cover a greater distance per unit time than a slow runner. Conclusion; The two forms of exercise are likely about the same.

Why are Quakers wrong?

Mitch Davis already made the point I want to, so I'll add onto what he said.Quakers rely primarily on direct revelation for their spiritual directions in this world, and they get that through their communication with something known variously as

My OCD is killing me slowly. Is there a cure for me?

As a former anxiety disorder sufferer and a person having a friend with a very similar problem as yours, I fully empathize with you. I can understand how you must be feeling. I've suffered from generalised anxiety disorder and my friend

How do people achieve their fitness goal?

By removing the excuses from your mind! Yes these excuses are the only hindrance we come up with them to avoid exercising@If you made up your mind you can achieve almost anything!! Easy to say this then doing though :pBut yes make