Would you advise traveling alone?

Yeah, I would suggest everyone to travel alone atleast once in their life. It is important to disconnect with world & relish your presence. I started traveling solo in 2015 & since than I have traveled to 3 countries. Here is my post on why I travel solo. I hope this will broaden your horizon.

Why Everyone Should Try Solo Travel At Least Once

I prefer travelling alone.

I don't tend to plan, so it allows me to go somewhere and stay as long or as little as I like. I get to do the things I want and don't have to accommodate other people's wish lists. I can also change my plans on a whim and go to a different place/city/country without having to negotiate or persuade someone else.

On a less selfish note, I find I meet more people. When I travel with other people I tend to hang out, eat, sleep and talk with those people and don't socialise with many other people. When I am on my own I am forced to seek out other people to talk to.

When you are on your own, you find out what you are really capable of because you don't have others to take up your slack.

It can be scary, more so for women, but if you are careful you will be fine.

While its great to be with a partner sometimes, to enjoy a nice meal and share an experience, it's also great to be able to just do your own thing at your own pace. Solo is not for everyone, but once in a while, everyone should do it.

Any day, travelling alone is the best medicine for you to love yourself, come out of a depression or from a moment that affected you adversely.

The fact to be digested here is, we are born alone, we have to walk alone and we die alone, so its good to travel with friends, go on trips with people, but being an individual is the biggest asset you have. And never ever compromise that for anyone.

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