Would you agree that in order to lose weight is better to try a combination of exercise and reduction of calories instead of just exercise or just reduction of calories?

Losing weight is determined by what you eat. Exercise alone is not enough to lose weight, but you can lose weight by changing what you eat to better choices, even without exercise.

Having said that, exercise helps keep your muscles as you lose weight, and also helps you lose a little more.

Exercise also has other benefits such as managing stress and improved heart health.

So, yes combining the two is a good idea.

Do pull ups work abs?

Yes, you heard that right. Pull-ups are the core exercise for six pack abs workout. Pull-ups together with intensive leg strengthening exercises are the most important if you want people someday to see the clearly visible chiseled abs on your stomach. And I give pull-ups the biggest credit for my own six pack abs.When you pull up

How is MS Dhoni off the field?

Interview was taken sometime in 2015. Incidence narrated by her during the interviewMathira. I still remember an incidence. One Pakistani cricketer.I will not say the name. Once when I was 15 year old.I was living in ******. I remember they all came (Pakistani Cricket team) at that time Indian team was also out here.Interviewer– hunnnnnnnMathira– So they came

How to recover from a long term relationship

Spend time with your friends. Having conversation with other people keeps your mind off your ex.Find something outdoorsy to do. I have found that sunshine makes me feel less depressed. Exercise increases adrenalin level which would make you feel good.Finally when you are ready, meet new people. If you are at school, join a student club. If not,