Would you prefer to date someone who is single or someone who is divorced?

Divorced. I love that my bf is divorced like me, so there is never any arguing over whether marriage is in the cards for us. We have no illusions about how great it is to be divorced because we've experienced it for ourselves. Before I met him, it really got on my nerves how people I dated just wanted to talk marriage. What a waste of time. Instead of getting to know me, all they wanted was to put a ring on it. To me, that is hell. Great way to chase me off and ruin the evening. I can't for the life of me figure out why anyone would try that shit on someone very recently divorced?!

What mind-blowing fact we could learn from ancient vedas?

Vedas are rich in knowledge, covering topics like physics, mathematics, astronomy, chemistry and various other fields of sciences. It is fascinating to learn the knowledge base of the writers of Vedas, who, in the times that saw no technology, have thought,

As a beginner, can I start with machines instead of compound workouts?

There are several problems with machinesThey lock you into a motion. This deprives your supporting muscles of some desperately needed exercise, particularly your abs and core.Many deliver serious sheer forces to your joints (like you knees on leg extensions and hamstring curls) that could result in injury.They can encourage bad form.

What makes you feel most ashamed about your country's history?

Seriously speaking, the only real things that any current resident of the USA should be ashamed of is having allowed a con-man like Donald Trump to be elected president.Some will probably say