Would you say good or bad life experiences have taught you to be a better, wiser individual overtime? In my experience, it's been both. Wouldn't both bad and good experiences play a part?

Both have taught me to be better. Now I realize that I would not be who I have become with only one or the other. I truly feel that both play a major role in who we can become once out of those experiences. For example bad experiences seem to be useful to help break you down to a point where you can become more humble. Good experiences can help you continue to have hope to move forward and continue striving for the best.

What is your biggest regret in life?

I failed in CBSE 12th board this year for 2nd time!The CBSE results declared on 27th may this year left me completely in tears. I failed again this year in both Mathematics and Physics , scored just 28 and 15 respectively. All my friends and even my juniors are senior to me now.My younger sister has

Is Northern Ireland a part of Ireland?

That depends on what you mean by Ireland.If Ireland is defined as ‘the island west of Britain and east of the atlantic', then yes! Northern island is a country that lies on the north eastern part of the island of Ireland.If Ireland is defined as ‘the Republic of Ireland, a country that lies on the island of Ireland',

How much do you love your country?

Instead of tissues they kept pieces of news paper for cleaning hands after washing with water in the hotel I went for having lunch.As usually my friend took paper to clean but surprisingly he folded it well and kept it aside and called one of the workers.I was