Would you say that life is hard?

Without a shadow of a doubt!! All I can say is that it doesn't matter what I say or do, you will learn that it is hard only through experience over the years. People you used to hang out so much in college with, you now phone them once a year on their birthday. Your best female friend gets married and doesn't share as much with you as you would like; your best male friend leaves the country and that's when you realise you're all alone. Here are a couple of things that I suggest you do:

  1. Using a pen and a paper write down everything you like that others have (this has to be friends that you know, not actors, but real people you have met and interacted with frequently)- could be as simple as the way they walk, their sense of fashion, the sunglasses they have, a beautiful wife, the way they play the guitar et cetera. Once you have written down all these things the Next step is to start doing it. I remember just because somebody else as these qualities, doesn't mean that they have an edge over you. It's all based on the effort and quantity of when you put in. Ten years ago I may have been quite fat, today after years of working out I'm comparable to some of the guys I used to envy in college.
  2. Knowing everything that you know today, if you could go back 15 years and tell your younger self to change one aspect what would that be? For me it is quite simple, I would have told me to stop concentrating so much on studies and instead learn how to connect with people, go out to clubs, go with friends for drinks, join some dance classes or learn how to flirt with someone because after some time you realise the skills you really need in life to overcome the hard times, can't be found in books or in schools.

Yes, life is hard, thank God!

Sometimes I think about life in the following way: I had a prior life, totally different from what I experience today. I was very well behaved, generous and thoughtful, so God decided to send me to heaven. And that's where I am now.

Heaven is a fascinating and challenging place. Yes it is hard, but that's what makes it heaven. I am given challenges to accomplish, like having to survive, to raise a family, to do what I can do to make the world better, to try to understand how the world works. These challenges are the primary joy of my current heaven, and I thank God I was not sent to Hell, where probably I would be doomed to the worst punishment of all-not fire and brimstone, but boredom. Why is solitary confinement the worst prison punishment? Because it consists of intense boredom!

My guess is that in hell you are not allowed to do anything interesting, but are confined to sitting on clouds, playing sweet music on a harp, and listening to others play their sweet tunes. It's a dreadfully boring existence, made worse by the fact that it will go on for eternity. Recall that Huckleberry Finn decided that if Tom Sawyer was going to go to hell, that's where he Huck also wanted to go.

My greatest joys in my life have come from successfully meeting hard challenges. Does anybody enjoy video games which are easy to defeat? No! Those are no fun. People get joy from challenges.

Thank you, God, for sending me a heaven that is hard!

Definitely. Life is hard. But that doesn't mean that this is a bad thing.

From the top of my head, here are some reasons why life is hard:

  1. Change: Everything around us changes all the time. We change, our friends change, the other people around us change, governments change, cities change, technology changes, norms change etc. etc. However, humans are creatures of habits, so they constantly have to adjust to new situations, which is hard.
  2. Luck / Unpredictability: You can add here anything which you do not control directly, and which is hard to predict. Your life is happy for one moment; suddenly an earthquake strikes, or your best friend gets hit by a car etc. There are situations which happen purely by luck: You are born as the only child of a tremendously wealthy family. That is just good luck. And conversely, you could be born in a really poor family in a starving country. And in many situations, even getting everything right, such as working hard, and doing the right things at the right time still doesn't guarantee that you will get back what you want: it only increases your chances.
  3. No definitive targets: The goals to succeed are not entirely set. There are societal guidelines such as to have a family, make money, or get a good job. But even those are very vague, vary per culture or per individual, and there is always more on every step. From a species perspective, we still don't really know why we exist still, and this question lies deep in the human psychosynthesis.
  4. Individual limitations: Every individual is genetically limited in their abilities, which makes some things harder to achieve for some. Others are tall, others short, others smarter and others less etc.
  5. Conflicts of interest: Many people want the same things and thus fight for it. And also, what one person wants conflicts with what another does in other ways.
  6. Emotional factors (including attachment to others): Emotions are a way in which humans can communicate with themselves and others. The human emotionality works in such a way where it has its ups and downs. In order to be happy, you are also sad, and you switch from one state to another. And as a result, sometimes life will feel hard and others easy. Moreover, people get emotionally attached to other people, animals and things, and feel bad when they lose them, which make it seem as if life is hard.
  7. Interconnectivity: This is similar to the conflicts of interest. What one person does does not affect only them, but also other people at the same time. And as a result, control is shared ie there isn't one person who is in control of everything. Therefore it isn't easy for a single person to do what they want even when they know what that is.
  8. Easier to fail than succeed: This could be seen similarly to the wider law that Universe has a tendency for chaos rather than order. Things are easy when they are in the order you want them - and that doesn't happen naturally, the opposite does. Success is effectively putting things in your order. To put things in the order you want, you have to fight against this phenomenon.
  9. Vanity & Greed: This is another human characteristic. The more you have, the even more you want. Therefore, life always feels challenging, no matter how succesful you have been already.
  10. The world is huge: There are currently over 7 billion people on the planet. Planet Earth is itself ony of many planets in the Solar system - which is only one of perhaps infinite other planet systems etc. And we only experience a tiny part of it every day. There isn't enough time in a lifetime to visit most places on Earth.
  11. Limited life duration: The human lifespan is short - relatively to all the things that we want to do anyway. Hopefully, this is currently being researched upon!

However, if all this wasn't happening, if all was complete and perfect then there would probably be nothing to do and no reason for life to exist in the first place.

Yes. But for most people it's also balanced with good things too.

But then there are those that are less fortunate...

For people who had the misfortune to live during a war or live with the impact of genocide, or torture, yes life can be very hard.

For people who are victims or are surviving members of individuals that have been impacted by violent crimes, life can be hard.

People that are born with mental illness, for them, life can be hard.

Sometimes, expectations play a large part in just how hard life can be. For example...

If you start out life with privilege and money, have an expectation that the lifestyle will be there the rest of your life and then suffer the misfortune of loosing all this... life is indeed hard.

In other words, If you feel life owes you something that you are entitled to, and you have it and loose it, life indeed can be hard.

If you are not true to what you want and what is important to you, this is a form of self delusion or self denial which leads to life being hard.

Life is complex, to me that is. It just seems much more simplier now because society has cultivated a routine over the centuries which the masses adhere to. So it is easier to follow. However, there are many experiences that build or break a person.

Think, for example, if a child had to grow up in a home where they had to battle to put food on the table, the mother had been fighting cancer for years, the sister takes drugs and the father died in a car crash in the time where you need him most. Compare it to a child that has never suffered in terms of financial shortage - what to eat for supper is to choose between two top restaurants. Your worries include which is the best cellphone to purchase or which country to pick next as a holiday destination.

It's a stereotypical view, I know, but I want to point out that such a question is always relative. People are accustomed to different circumstances and different environments.

My life was not easy, but I am making the right choices every day to ensure a better future for myself. I hope this helps answer your question.

By default we assume we are consciousness inhabiting an arbitrary body. That is what you happen to be, not who you are. Any arbitrary color does not necessarily look the same to all of us. Life is simply a matter a of perspective and what you perceive it be so. So for each and every person who lives on this planet, "life" may be perceived very differently for all of them.

Pertaining to the question at hand, personally for myself I believe life at times to be relatively difficult due to my upbringing and environment. However, I do not say it is difficult in the sense to survive, rather to understand the fact that we exist and what we are. I fail to see and understand the process how we came to be and why the world as we know it is like it is. I am uncertain about the past, present, and future, and what I really am. How do I exist as I am, why am I aware that I exist, what really is consciousness? How do you even measure as to whether something is cognisant? Are we just a series of chemical reactions and natural processes etc.

These phenomena haunt me and I shall die knowing that I never understood who I am. People tend to look past these types of things and live life and are happy. Ignorance is bliss as they say, this holds very true for many things in life. I wish that I could become as they are instead of what I currently am. Though we are human, so always, remember that you will die.

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