Would you suggest a Full Body workout routine or a Split routine for someone who wants to gain muscles/weight?

It's better to divide workout plan over a week . Which includes one set of muscles in one day and a six day workout regime . Or two muscle sets per day which is also a 6 day regime but last 3 days are similar to first 3 days of workout

6 day workout one muscle group per day

  1. Day 1 Chest group
  2. Day 2 Biceps group
  3. Day 3 shoulder group
  4. Day 4 triceps group
  5. Day 5 Back group
  6. Day 6 forearm
  7. Day 7 Thigh and legs or Rest
  8. Alternate day Cardio can be added
  9. Don't exceed the workout beyond 2hrs

6 day Double muscle plan

  1. Day 1 Chest and Biceps
  2. Day 2 Shoulder and triceps
  3. Day 3 Back and forearm
  4. Day 4 , 5 ,6 similar to 1,2,3
  5. Day 7 Abdomen and Lower limbs
  6. Alternate day Cardio
  7. Work out shouldn't exceed beyond 2hrs

Diet :

  1. Stay hydrated drink lots of water about 4lits a day
  2. Stay aerated . Don't workout in a hot place or a place without a breeze . You will get exhausted easily
  3. Don't eat too much or too less
  4. Avoid fatty foods like cheese , fried foods , high calories like Sodas , sweetend drinks , sweets .
  5. Take fats like Poly Unsaturated Fats like olive oil , Safflower or Gingelly oil in limited quantities
  6. Also consume Less of high calorie foods like lots of rice .
  7. Consume veggies like green salads
  8. Protein intake = 2g × your target weight
  9. Protein foods include
    1. Chicken breast 22g protein per 100gm
    2. Meat 25g per 100gm
    3. Egg 6g per a single egg
    4. Pulses 5 g per 100 g
    5. Milk 15g per 100ml

These foods increase your strength and bulk of muscle . Calculate accordingly by above equation of protein intake

Increase weights in last set .

Increase the weight every week.

Good luck and don't strain too much

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