Would you trust a self-driving car that drives like you?

Autonomous driving vehicles are able to drive way better and safer than the average driver.. These engineers benchmark is not to pass a drivers test, its to change the world. They paving the way for all cars to eventually be autonomous and be able to interact with one another.

Yes, it may be scary to let a car drive itself for the first time, but I assure you that car is analyzing so many things per second that it is most definitely safer than driving yourself. I love to drive, I love to race even, but these engineers are doing some incredible things with autonomous driving.

Here's a pretty cool video of a BMW being able to drift autonomously. Keep in mind drifting is considered one of the highest forms of car control and this car is doing it better than 99% of the world. Crazy stuff.

Given that I'm an average driver at best, no.

I get into close calls. I'm occasionally prone to lapses in concentration. I occasionally bend the rules of the road. I go a little bit over the speed limit. I've been in a couple of accidents in the past.

I make mistakes.

I'm human.

If a self driving car drives only as well as I do, then the engineers who made that system really aren't very good (or aren't very ambitious, if that's the standard they want to achieve).

If I'm relieving control of my car - leaving my life and the lives of other people - in the hands of a self driving car, it better do a much better job than I do.

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