What third parties are better alternatives than the Democratic and Republican party?

There are no alternatives.The way our system is setup, its either you vote right, or you vote left. There is no compromising-and our system is too engrained to change up now. Too many delegates, too many congressman, and too many people to

What do US Tesla S and Tesla X owners think of Bernie Sanders?

The funny thing I've seen here in Orange County California where you typically see 30-40 Tesla model S' per day, a lot are owned by staunch Republicans.  I think it's not smart to stereotype Tesla owners as Tesla has captured the WHOLE market from Environmentalists to Mitt Romney

Are the Trump supporters you know mellowing or having buyers remorse because of his seemingly lackluster cabinet picks?

All approval polls are showing about a 5 point drop in support in aggregate since the inauguration, this is true across the board no matter what his starting point was. His most favorable poll is Rasmussen, which shows him in positive territory still, but going from +14 to +6.So that indicates that a few

Is Donald Trump hurting the image of the Republican Party? If so, how strong is this effect? Is he driving people away from the party?

Yes, he is hurting his party and quite a few GOP members have left to become independents, Libertarians, or even Democrats because of this new GOP.The image of the Republican Party used to be one of-Fiscal conservatismEnvironmental protectionsRespect for individual libertiesLimited governmentSound foreign

Is the Republican Party still pro-business after Trump?

Some businesses. Big companies will get to cut their taxes. But companies benefiting strongly from international trade, not so much.And if you are an uncompetitive US company threatened by foreign competitors, maybe you can make a big enough political contribution and get tariff or quota protection.

Is Donald Trump a bad guy?

Trump is a symptom not a cause. We've had many presidents who didn't know their behind from a hole in the ground (look it up) and the USA survived them. The establishment pols are trying hard to paint him as a (insert scary word here).

Are there any urban metropolitan areas that voted for Trump?

Trump won the majority of counties, the majority of states and the majority of electoral college votes which are the only majorities that count. Hillary only won the majority of popular votes, the only count that can be manipulated). What does that tell you?

Does President Obama regret ridiculing Donald Trump?

No one was more surprised that donald trump was elected president than donald trump. By all accounts he ran to gain leverage for another season of

Has Donald Trump killed the Republican Party?

I think Trump is a continuation of where the Republican party has been going and I think it is better to view Trump not as an anomaly, but as a barometer.A political party is defined by its voters not its party leaders. Any mismatch between the voters and

Why is the U.N sending people to monitor the election process in the U.S?

Are they? Good for them. Have you been watching the news lately????? Trump has been practically demanding his followers interfere in their local election polling places by demanding they ‘monitor' polls. Can you imagine how intimidating Trumps white supremist supporters will

Is the Republican party more divided than the Democratic party right now?

In my opinion the republican party is not just divided at this point, it is on the verge of being shattered. On the other hand I believe the democrat party is in no danger of imminent destruction largely based on

Why did you vote for Trump?

YOU DONT GET IT STILL?"How did this happen?!" they cry.You want to know how this happened? You want to know how America resorted to bigotry and racism? You want to know how we let a TV star with no experience get to the White House?

Why does rural America tend to always vote for the Republican party?

Because they're out of touch.They have decided they can't trust information from the ‘liberal media' because it doesn't tell them what they want to believe. They look for confirmation bias, not truth. They fall for the GOP stunt of getting them worked up emotionally about issues their churches tell them are vital: deny

Who is Donald Trump's base? Why is he popular? Why are people voting for him? Why do people like and support him?

I recommend everyone to read Richard Muller 's reply before reading mine. I think his analysis is brilliant, but it's also very flawed.He's right that most people (in the US) would not know the Bill of Rights if they saw them. He's right when he

Why did so many educated white people vote for Trump?

They will not, at least in any significant numbers. Of course, educated does not necessarily equal intelligence. Nor does it equal a strong moral fiber. You can be educated, hold degrees, and still be a piece of scum, just like The Orange One.The intelligent would not vote for that scumbag. Some educated may do

Do Democrats hate Chinese people?

Democrats do talk about Asian Americans, not enough though, I agree. Historically and in general, demographic groups are thrown into a category, so everyone from South America is Latino, although this isn't an accurate picture, and Asian Americans too are lumped

How will Scalia's death affect the 2016 presidential elections?

It won't.Why?The 2016 election was all but decided well before Donald Trump entered the race. - The real "game-changer" was the entry of Trump into the race and his wildly (and improbably) spectacular success so far. While it was almost certainty that Hillary Clinton would win (after all she simply has to win the same states that Obama did