Can a 40-year-old date a 20-year-old?

Yes, of course.When I was 39 years, 3 months, and 16 days, a girl I had known for about 3 years asked me on a date, she was 18 years, 1 month, and 6 days old. I was her first date, first kiss, etc. 86 days

How do our parents (or any person over 40) say they had a stable job at 25 and most young people nowadays can barely pay for food? What changed?

I don't think much has changed except, as another poster stated, that which we take for granted.I was barely able to buy food at age 25. The difference is that I lived with virtually no luxuries at 25, either. Yes, I had a car. But living

I'm 40 years old male. I have an autistic child who is 6 years old. My wife and I fight daily. I want to get a divorce, but worried about my son's future. Should I get a divorce?

First try to stop fighting each other. Yes! I know its hard but you have to.It's a general issue with most of the couples and you are not the victim alone.But, you look like you are in the serious part of your life.we will try

Is it morally wrong for a 19 year old to date a 40 year old?

When I was 39 years, 3 months, and 16 days, a girl I had known for about 3 years asked me on a date, she was 18 years, 1 month, and 6 days old. I was her first date, first kiss, etc. 86 days later we moved in together. We were together 5 years,

Is it okay for a 40-year-old woman to date an 18-year-old man?

I've always said the age disparity between a man and woman is the chaps age divided by two, plus seven. If you were a forty year old chap, that would put your female parter at 27. There is a chance this could work as females generally, and somewhat irritatingly I might add, mature much quicker than us

What are the best joint pain exercises for a woman above 45 years?

Why there is joint pain at 45 years of age? You need to know the scientific reason behind such pain. There can be ordinary reason behind. You may need to address that issue.In your case it is prudent to get checked by some standard doctor.Commonly most sane do some physical work, have a weight within a normal range.

What do you realize when you reach 40 years old?

It's not that scary or demotivating as it seems at 20.No your knees don't pain, your stamina is not lost, your vigour and energy doesn't drop to 50%. All that is relative. If you have active life style, take proper nutrition, go to gym or jog, take supplements, your are as good as

What's a good strength training workout for someone over 40?

As a guy in mid-forties, I will recommend Starting strength program.This is taken from their site:The Starting Strength System makes use of the body's most basic movement patterns – barbell exercises that involve all the body's muscle mass – utilized over the

What's the naughtiest thing you did after 40s?

I'm using fake names because I'm still engaged.Last summer, I was 43, been married almost 18 years and the only woman I had ever been with was my wife. Our sex life had become predictable and boring. It was sex twice a month (usually on a Saturday night) and straight missionary position.

Why do men's eyebrows, nose hair, and ear hair grow when they reach their 40s?

The hormones, that cause the pattern of thinning and hair loss in the scalp, also cause the mass of Vellus Hairs that are naturally present in the nose and ears to grow darker, longer and grow coarser. It is believed that the increased growth of hair in the

Are push ups the ultimate exercise for someone in their mid 40's trying maintain upper body strength?

I don't know about ultimate but they sure are variable. You can shift your hands further out laterally, closer to your chest, closer to your hips, towards your head, elevate your feet,you get the idea. You might also want to balance them with pull-ups if you have something to pull on. Even

Can women still be considered attractive after 40?

You bet your last Euro on it. Just look around you. Look without pre fabricated ideas and images injected into your subconscious by the industry.Every person, in this instance we are discussing young ladies of about forty, has some things

Does going to the gym harm my body joints in the future at the age of 40-50 or more?

Depends on how you use the joints in the Gym, and what condition are / were they in. Joints may get bad due to genetics, injuries, overuse or a plethora of medical conditions - which a gym might help with or worsen further.All of us are made and age differently. My very qualified physiotherapist tells me I

Is it ok to start gym at 40 and beyond for a woman?

Of course!Listen, it's never too late to build or rebuild muscle mass.Let's take a look at a study done by the University of Oklahoma, where 24 18-22-year-olds and 25 35-50-year-olds followed the same weightlifting routine for 8 weeks.The results

Is there a reason why it gets harder to lose weight when you are in your mid 40's? I can easily lose 20 pounds, but my body say 'no!' after that. I want to lose 40 or 50.

Most of the time, the reason why our health declines and we gain weight as we age has little to do with metabolism and more to do with our lifestyle. Between family demands, busy careers and the ‘habit' of eating poorly for many years we can feel like it's

What is the best exercise regime for overall health, weight loss, muscle building for men at ages of 40 or 50? How does it differ from men who may be 20 or 30 years old?

So if you want to cover all three spectrum's of overall health, weight loss, and muscle building, then I would recommend either a bodybuilding/powerbuilding routine with mixed in cardio.Bodybuilding is revolved around building up pure lean muscle. You do a lot of sets and reps here and are more focused

What is the best exercise routing for men 40 and over?

There is no single exercise routine that can cover all health and physical requirements no matter the age.It is what you want from the exercise that matters, nothing else. Always bear in mind that different exercises yield different results.Just to name a few categories.

What kind of exercises are good for your longevity in your 40's?

Studies have shown that weight bearing exercises, like walking, swimming, and lifting light weights can have dramatic results for mature adults.Walking and swimming move all the major muscle groups and are aerobic exercise, meaning that the heart and lungs get a good work out.Humans were meant to walk, and in this age of the

What should one do in their 20s to avoid regrets in their 30s and 40s?

1) Invest in a little business, even if you are not directly involved. It stimulates your sense of accountability. But monitor that investment. It prepares you for a future of financial discipline.Endeavor to have other additional sources of income, aside your salary. Don't be excited about pension funds. That

Are you over 40 and concerned about maintaining lean muscle mass as you get older?

I'm a woman, but I was *definitely* concerned about this.Along with aging, I'm an ectomorph (skinny by nature) and muscle literally falls off my body and I become a walking stick if I don't eat enough or correctly...and lift fairly

At the age of 40 what should be my diet so that I remain fit?

At this age there is a high risk of diseases such as high blood pressure , cardiovascular disease and disease related to bones so at this age one should take diet according to the requirement of their body. for bones they should intake calcium rich foods such as milk and other dairy products and

Can a marriage between a 32 year old man and a 40 year old woman work?

A marriage working and having kids are different things. I know couples with larger age differences who chose not to have any, and did amazing things all over the world, then became foster parents to several children from age 50–65. Some of those children

Can I think of marriage at the age of 40?

Yes , why not??Marriage is not just about engaging with someone for the sake of societal and family pressure. Rather its more like

Can we learn swimming at 40?

Yes of course you can!My mother is 47 and few years back she had a spinal injury. She started with swimming training a few months ago. Now she's a good swimmer, but let me list out the factors that definitely played a role.You need to

Do men who take good care of themselves generally get better looking until the age 40?

Yes men can good looking at any age,If they take care of themselves Pharrell Williams is in his 40s he looks at least 10 years his junior Black don't crack Keanu Reeves is 54 and looks 39, Bruce Springsteen is 69 and looks better than most men in

Does 'abs after 40' work?

There's a nice review of Mark Mcilyar's program here.In short, 1) it's a way for them to sell you supplements and 2) it's probably not going to work for you because he's either doing things he's not telling you (like injecting testosterone), or is blessed with

How to build stamina at 40's

Just as when you were younger, your body type will determine how easily - and just how much - muscle you can add. See what you should be doing.By strength training, you add new muscle mass and increase cardiovascular endurance.Be careful, an injury at forty

How does a 50 year old woman find a husband?

The exact same way a 20 year old, 30 year old, 40 year old, and 60 year old does.Go out and enjoy your life!Think of what kinds of activities you enjoy. If you don't currently have any hobbies, then it is time to find some.Here are a few

How does one start running at 40?

Here Are Some Tips To Get Started:Week 1On the first day, Walk for 10 minutes. For the next 10 minutes, alternate running for 1 minute and walking for 1 minute. Walk for 10 minutes.On the second day, Walk 10 minutes. For the next 15 minutes, alternate running for 1 minute and walking for 1 minute. Walk for 5

I am a 35 year old woman. I am not married, have no children or house in the burbs. Am I doomed?

Doomed to a LIFE OF AWESOMENESS, maybe!Seriously. Take the things you like about your life and double down on them. Do you like traveling? You can go wherever you want. Do you like movies? You don't have to argue with anybody about what movie to see

I haven't got anything at age 40. What should I do?

I assume you want to get something. What you should do entirely depends on what you want to get.Do you want to make money? Look at what you're good at and see if you can use that to create something of value. If you don't have the skills required you can probably learn them

I want to run at the age of 45. Is it possible?

Yes, especially if there are no contraindications by your doctor. Start out slow and be sure to warm up and cool down. Stay within your training zone. Whether you're doing cardio exercise for health, fitness, or weight loss, it's important

Is 40 too old to become a male fitness model?

I believe you're never too old to become anything in this life. Will it be more difficult than if you were younger. Maybe. Or maybe not. You might just become recognize because of your age. There are a lot of

Is it ok that a 41 year old man marry a 24 year old woman?

Age no longer a number. Age is indicator of life left in us. Women today are out going and socializing a lot. The unmatched personalities are eye sore of the common society. The young girls with strong back ground are not easily allowed marry a middle aged man. Today girls marry their school mates and

Is it possible for a 40+ age fit man to 'start over' and build muscle and tone up?

I am 53 years old. About 6 months ago I got to a point where I realized how bad my health was becoming. I was not overweight which was one of the problems. I would sit on the couch, and because I was not overweight I fooled

Is it possible to build muscle at 45 or am I wasting my time?

I'm 45. And I built muscle (this year, in fact!) Yes, it is harder than at 35, 25, 18... but you can do it.Basically if you are going for a little "bulk" but more "cut and defined" muscles, opt for:- 50% of

Is it really possible to learn yoga after 40 and become flexible?

Anyone Can Become Flexible Secret #1 of 7If you have tight hamstrings and locked-up hips, I know how claustrophobic and restrictive it can feel. I know it seems like theres nothing you can do about it, like you were just made this way.Yoga Burn: Yoga Burn ChallengeAnyone can become flexible, even super flexible, and I

Is late 30s or early 40s too late to exercise or start a fitness regime?

No you can do workout at any age. Just focus on eating Protein rich food and at initially start with simple cycling and jogging and than slowly increase your intensity (if you are to fat than dont do jogging/running because it will damage your Knees) and than after 15–20 days start doing strength training

Is there any old age home for 40 year olds?

Yes, you will find a number of old age homes for 40-year-olds and above. However, with so many options available, it may become difficult for you to choose the best home for older adults. In this case, you can always take help of the internet or ask for references from your family

What are some things a person should know before the age of 40?

1.always save your work you never know when a glitch or power failure will happen.2. your time is the most valuable thing you have more valuable than money, keep track of your time watch your time closely guard your time for what you

What are the main differences of being a 20 years old mum and a 40 years old mum?

When you are in your twenties, your body is prime for having a baby. You're more likely to have your body get right back into shape, you're more adaptable with your sleep patterns to accommodate a baby, and have more energy to run around and play with them.At 40 there

What do I need to know about my heart at age 25, 35, 45, and 55?

Aspirant dies during constable selection test.Most unfortunate incident that we lost a blooming heart.1. EMERGENCY CARE & CURE: IMMEDIATE COMPLEE BED REST OR @ THE EARLIEST.2. Late Dr.Devendra Vora, authored 2 BOOKS ON ACUPRESSURE TITLED ‘HEATH IN YOUR HAND S VOL.I & II' used to say

What do you want to accomplish before you are 40?

Oh, a lot:Take the national exam in math to prove to myself I canGet a masters in physics from my alma mater, or simply do the coursework/studies sans degree.Visit the following countries (not in order of importance): France, Ireland, Germany, Russia (Saint Petersburg), Lithuania, Italy, Greece, Turkey, America (can't wait to visit for a second time, but it'll have

What is different about age 60 compared to age 40?

There is a huge difference between being 40 and 60 and it is the actual awareness of life at the two different stages.For a start, at age 40, many people - especially men experiencing a midlife crisis - are likely to

What is the best diet for slightly anemic women between 40 and 50 years of age?

If you are anemic because of excess blood loss due to heavy menstrual periods, the best diet is still a healthy one of large quantities of fruits and vegetables, but with supplementation of an iron tablet a couple of times a week on a fairly empty stomach (vegetables will complex iron making it difficult to absorb).

What should I be doing at the age of 40?

At age 40, you should be living your life to its fullest. Live with no regrets. Just because you are 40 doesn't mean you have to stop living your life. Shit, it's when you're supposed to be living it. Remember, YOU ARE AS OLD AS YOU FEEL! Keep that in mind. If you see or feel old, chances

What should you have already accomplished by the age of 40?

In the popular view. In America. When you are 40 you should be established. A home. A good job. A savings. Student loans paid. Headed down the stretch to 50. Then 60. Who wants to strive to

When I get to my 40s, what are some things I would regret doing in my 20s?

If you want to fail in life, pick the wrong partner and marry them. Think hard before you legally commit. See beyond looks. Marry someone who is also your best friend. Marry someone you would hire to be on your team at work.

When you turned 40, did you set any goals for yourself or make any major life changes?

When I was 41 my father died, the company that I had worked for for 10 years was bought out by a bunch of arrogant asshole Brits and I had been traveling too much for too long.Even though I enjoyed my job, I had

Why do men's eyebrows, nose hair, and ear hair grow when they reach their 40s?

The hormones, that cause the pattern of thinning and hair loss in the scalp, also cause the mass of Vellus Hairs that are naturally present in the nose and ears to grow darker, longer and grow coarser. It

Do bachelors, who are 40 and over, feel regret in not finding a compatible lady to marry? I'm in my mid-40s. I daily think of the "what ifs" - what I'd be doing now if I were a happily married fellow with kids. It's saddening.

I'm in my fifties and I am still single and as far as dating goes, I haven't been on a date since Carter was in office. So, I understand where you're coming from and I can perhaps give you some advice so you don't end up like me in a decade.So, the first thing to

Do you think it's better getting married at age 30 or age 40?

Unless you are a woman who is really keen to have children and raise a family, urgency is not the question here.Every successful marriage comes down to the same important factor. Two compatible people meeting and having a lot about each other that they like.And can see themselves in the same house/apartment,

Is being 45 years old too old in India to get married for the first time?

It is never too late.Whenever a sincere,selfless, loving,caring,compatible,financially independent person,irrespective of your past,promises you to be with you in all your kith and kins,You can choose him/her as your life partner to get married.If you have not selected one,you can search for your life partner on the internet giving priority to his qualities over looks.

Is it possible to get married after 40?

Do not despair. Try again, you may succeed. One has to be focused. Be positive. Look youthful and strong. It is about your choice of partner. Once you find some one up to the expected mark try your best to impress that marriage between you and that person

Is it worth the effort to date as a divorced man in 40s?

My wife thinks so. I was 45 and newly divorced when we met. I'm now 49 and we're married. We're incredibly happy together.The same question could be asked about women.Is it worth the effort to date a divorced woman in her 40's? How does that sound?It it worth the effort to date a single woman in her 20's? Does

What are signs of a midlife crisis for a 35 year old man?

At 35 you may have had a couple of children and adhered to societies mantra. However you may start to feel you have lucked out in life and start to envy you single friends. The life you have created. No longer appeals to you and you

What can I do to take care of my health in my late 40's?

Don't smoke, don't do drugs and be careful with alcohol.A lot of studies have shown that only exercising without dieting won't make you loose weight, whilst dieting only will.  The combination of both however will partly prevent muscle mass loss due to weight loss, and will

What do 30-40 year old married couples fight about?

User-11639698865779900831 Omg! Haha so relatable especially the changing diapers one! My husband and I have constant fights about who's friends do we hang out with. His friends are the type that likes to watch a game and drink. Sadly neither I

When does youth end? 25, 30, 35, 40 years old?

I'd say around the age of 25. It's the time in your life when the first signs of degenerative aging start to show (smile lines around the mouth and eyes, lower libido, maybe some balding and some extra pounds). You got to enjoy your young adult body from 18 to 25 freely; now is the time