What is the one thing you have done which has changed your life completely?

Yes! There have been a couple of decisions that have changed my life, but one of the most significant ones is - visiting my parents in Kiev and deciding to stay back with them!Back in June 2014, my father got transferred to Kiev (Ukraine). Because of the Crisis, my parents thought it would be best for

How can we develop our critical thinking abilities?

The most important aspect of critical thinking is never assuming that your own perspective is the most correct.In his book Mastery, Robert Greene talks about the concept of negative capability. Negative capability is the ability to hold two opposing and conflicting thoughts at the same time.This

Which sport requires most physical abilities of a human?

#10 SWIMMINGSwimming can be incredibly exhausting, as the continuous nature of the sport doesn't leave much time for recovery. Since the lower and upper body are constantly active in producing motion, and the core functions to stabilize the trunk and transfer force throughout the process, there's not a second of rest. But swimming

Does learning ability slow down with age?

I'm definitely a much more efficient learner than I was in college.In college, I would open up a book and start highlighting sentences that seemed important.  Then the first of many distractions would parade through.  Email, text messages, study buddies would start a conversation.  It took almost nothing to grab my

How do some people have the ability to make friends so easily?

My kids are each 12. My son makes friends very easily. My daughter, not so much.Here's the biggest difference I notice: my son wants connection with people, he craves it My daughter is interested in observing people and she's interested in discussing ideas. But connection is not her

What hobbies can benefit your mental abilities?

Code. I cannot emphasize this enough. Coding makes your brain so much better. Coding is such a good way to brainstorm and reflect over your actions, concepts and progress. And, it's a skill which once acquired, is an art in your hand forever. Coding will never disappoint you. For beginners, Python is the one stop.Learn a language.