As a psychopath, what are your greatest pleasures in life?

A good, satisfying mug of tea is quite enjoyable, although rare. I've found it's quite hard to make the ‘perfect' tea, and only occasionally stumble into making a good one by accident.Sex tends to be quite pleasurable even when it's bad, but I've

Do animals sense/act differently around psychopaths?

My ex was also a Narcissist and undoubtedly pretty high on the psychopathy scale. We got a dog together and no matter how hard I tried to train him something was always off. He was leash aggressive and extremely protective. I spent a lot of money on training and it made a minor difference

Do those diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder ever discard people permanently?

I had to edit this answer because I didn't realize how brilliant your question is. Let me start by saying your question is awesome. I don't need to change much else.As I have said many times on Quora NPDs never truly discard.

How ill-informed is my narcissist/sociopath/BPD/psychopath husband? I exposed him, then he handed me money and now I've been served my divorce papers.

How ill informed is my narcissistic husband? The final discard came last week as I exposed him to the very people he discredited me to. Today, I was served my papers. Last week during the high school happy days-themed discard, he hands me

I don't feel empathy for people, I'm an excellent liar, but I love and care for my girlfriend very much. I tend to be manipulative and impulsive as well. Does that mean I'm just a jerk or might I still be a sociopath and can I love?

I am also an excellent liar when I choose to be, and I am quite impulsive and manipulative at times as well.As for feeling empathy, that tends to come and go depending on the person and what mood I'm in that day. There are times when I

What are the biggest frustrations that people with borderline PD have about having borderline PD?

(This is just a typical BPD rant, don't pay attention - but oh well, you asked.)"WHY AM I SO DAMNED SENSITIVE?!" People asking me why I "have to" be so damned sensitive, why I "can't be normal", saying that I need to "normalize myself".Not

What are the biggest signs that someone has narcissistic personality disorder?

Let me qualify myself as a lait person on the subject of Narcissism. I do not have any medical or psychological training. I do have three generations of narcissists in my family, and have seen this mental illness' life-long effects on the inflicted and the people in N's lives. This is my list, borrowed from other sites about

What is borderline personality disorder? How is it different from bipolar disorder?

What is Borderline Personality Disorder?Borderline Personality Disorder is the name for a specific pattern of issues that are caused by the interaction of parenting, childhood experiences, and the child's temperament. BPD begins in early childhood and shapes the growing child's personality. It is fully formed by the time the

Do all psychopaths hurt animals?

No. But many do.There are seven (primary) reasons for a psychopath to hurt animals.They are sadists - this applies to about 2% of psychopathsThey are curious - this usually only applies to children - many non psychopaths might hurt insects for the same reason but usually not higher animals.For revenge - this is an

Do animals sense/act differently around psychopaths?

My ex was also a Narcissist and undoubtedly pretty high on the psychopathy scale. We got a dog together and no matter how hard I tried to train him something was always off. He was leash aggressive and extremely protective. I

Do psychopaths have different personalities?

I'm going to have to go with Elijah Bailey on this one. It's easy to spot some ‘primary' psychopaths, because they usually have a ‘permanent' flat affect. They never seem to respond to compliments or humor with genuine emotion. In fact,

Do psychopaths know they are psychopaths?

I think the best way to realize you are a psychopath is to try to have a relationship with someone.I had been diagnosed with psychopathy since I was a teenager however I was never convinced about it. First, I dont consider myself to be charming, while I'm definitely good looking and turn eyes every club or bar I enter,

Does a person diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder have a chance of improvement?

I have been dealing with person with NPD for 10 years . I helped him to get a job . To be social . but he still has goal in his head . I came to conclusion it is impossible to change his illusional goal . But he agreed when he was drunk that he can't do anything with

How to act like a psychopath

Why are you trying to act like a psychopath, and when are you asking about? While we are wearing our masks, or when they are off?`Psychopaths go through life wearing a mask or a series of masks that make them appear like everyone else. To manipulate people, society, the system, to get what

How do psychopaths act when they are drunk?

Hmm, I suppose I am barely qualified to answer this question... I test extremely high on the LSRP and those tests dealing with antisocial personality disorder. However, psychopathy isn't actually a medical term with specific definitions. Therefore, I don't know if I qualify.However, personally I don't change my behavior at all. Most of my friends/co-workers tell me they can't

How do psychopaths feel emotions?

Primary emotions felt by a normal person are happiness, sadness, fear, anger (also surprise, disgust, and love are included by many). Predominant emotions consciously felt by psychopaths areSadistic Pleasure : Psychopaths display recurrent aggression and cruel behavior (both violent and emotional) and gain pleasure from seeing

How do psychopaths manipulate?

To manipulate means

How do psychopaths realize they are psychopaths?

I knew I was different from the time I was a child. We had a family cat for years that used to crawl into my bed every night and lay on my arm and lick my face. When she passed away, my whole family cried

How do we identify a person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder? What are the characteristics and behavioral patterns of an NPD person? Do they require psychiatric help?

There are different things to look for depending on how the narcissist views you. The easiest one is if you are a potential romantic partner. Look for idealization and for the narcissist to try and match your interests or personality. You might

Is bipolar disorder a personality disorder?

Nobut it frequently is misdiagnosed As Bordetline PD because of the mood swings and the patients tendency to be intense, artistic and unpredictable. The BiPolar patien has an organic dysfunction, a chemical imblance . She is considered disabled becayse the condition is often debilitating , between the meds and the shifts from

Is Elon Musk psychopath?

I'm not a psychologist and I have no professional or personal acquaintance with Elon Musk. Don't take my answer as definitive in any way.In short, no, probably not... but the question isn't as bizarre as it sounds. The issue is that psychopathy has sometimes been handled

Is it true that sociopaths don't commit suicide?

It happens, but for different reasons. Sociopaths can experience most of the same mental illnesses as the rest of us - mania doesn't require emotional depth - but they rarely turn psychotic or commit suicide.Sociopaths often live with powerful delusions: persecutory, paranoid, grandiose.

Is Narcissistic Personality Disorder treatable?

Simple answer: YesComplex answer: Sometimes.Realistically: probably not.I have and have had many narcissist in treatment. Some come on their own. Many of those came after something happened enough in personal relationships, they sought help. More come as a result of someone threatening them with a loss if they don't. As we sort through the dynamics

What animals do psychopaths consider to be psychopathic?

The two that I selected represent the reality of psychopathy, as well as the perception. While these animals do not use their traits due to being wired psychopathically, their survival instincts and evolutionary processes make their mere existence to be a rather psychopathic representation. Albeit in very different way, they both have traits that not only

What annoys psychopaths?

I'm not a psychopath but a pretty good reader of people. English is not my first language so forgive errors in the writing. The list could be made long as someone above said and there will probably be repetitions if what other others might have have said as I haven't read all

What are the early signs of a psychopathic child?

By no means I am qualifield to diagnose anybody. I am researching the subject for a thriller I am writing and would like to tell you about a (very) long weekend with an 8-year old child who, I believe, qualifies to be a psychopath.We planned a long

What are the things that make us, as psychopaths, human?

Like any living thing. They enjoy certain things. They have emotions and certain feelings towards objects around them. They can feel happy, contempt, anger, pride, and excitement. But they lack things that the average neurotypicals do. Sadness, empathy, self pity, a high sense of fear. But they enjoy life. Many are happy right where they are. They wouldn't trade

What do psychopaths think of animals?

I like mine. Outside of mine I generally do not care about them. I take excellent care of mine, I treat them like family and the same level of respect as I do with my inner circle. So, in that regard, indeed, I like them very much.However, chances are if I

What do psychopaths think of I, Psychopath?

Dreadful. Watching Vaknin is a case study in malignant narcissism. He wants so desperately to be psychopathic. I think though that there are two interesting features to that documentary that make it worth watching.One, he does not have the brain scans of a psychopath. Watching him get the news is funny.

What does a psychopathic child act like?

Psychopathy is an adult disorder, precursors may include:Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) Symptoms - Mayo ClinicMayo Clinic oppositional-defiant-disorder/.../con...The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), published by the American Psychiatric Association, lists criteria for diagnosing ODD.Oppositional Defiant Disorder - UCF PsychologyPsychology -...University of Central Florida College

What does it feel like to have borderline personality disorder?

Chaos. Frequent mood swings. Very intense feelings and emotions, except that sometimes you lose all ability to feel anything, and this can last for months.While it is a welcome relief at first to get such a break, if it lasts too long it is

What is an out-of-body experience?

Here are some of the points I had the

What's the difference between a psychopath and a sociopath?

I used to believe that too, and then I read up on some of the psychopaths answers on Quora. I think my psychology degree taught me something like that, but it's an overall lazy interpretation of the difference. You might be tempted to think that just given what you'll find on the internet:

Why do psychopaths exist?

Random permutations happen in the evolutionary process. A permutation of a life-form that confers adaptive functionality and lends itself to successful reproduction (with respect to the environment) results in the established existence of that life-form.  This is why they exist from a scientific standpoint. [EDIT: Notice this explanation explains why anything (bacteria, viruses, worms, etc.) exists without

Can bipolar disorder be cured?

First of all, I am seeing all kinds of people now, who've been diagnosed with bipolar (Manic-Depressive) disorder, and aren't. They have other things wrong and other pathologies. For instance borderline personality disorder or using drugs and not telling that was an influence. Then there are the ones who never

Can psychopaths be insane?

If by insane you mean, can psychopaths suffer from other mental health disorders such as schizophrenia, then yes. It is possible for a psychopath to suffer from delusions, hallucinations, paranoia etc.There are some mental illnesses that a psychopath can't have, though, because they would be contradictory to their neurobiological makeup. Psychopaths can't

Can psychopaths become pro-social Psychopaths?

I have always felt the term pro-social psychopath was an oxymoron born out of the need to normalize the condition by authors who cannot handle the cold-hard truth, and by scientists obsessed with the results of brain-scan studies. I have adhd and am quite sure (although not positive of course) that

Do people with personality disorder cause problems for others?

Heck YES.The Chief reason they are diagnosable is because they Cronically don't get along with reasonable persons.Their either too destructive,abusive,Cronically flying off the handle,self sabetoge-ing,and in cases of super narcs@anti socials , deliberately committing various crimes.Many of these narcissistic abuses, qualify as actual crimes.If they,Npd,ASPD,SPDs ,and some forms

Do psychopaths feel loneliness?

I have no idea what loneliness feels like. The closest emotion to it that I experience is boredom. However, as I understand, apart from the boredom, the emotion of loneliness also spawns a desire to socialize. I've never felt the need for other people. Sure, hanging around with

Do Psychopaths have insecurities? psychopathy is extremely rare. It is between It is between .75%–1% percent of the population with a 20:1 ratio men to women. It cannot be induced as that is not what defined psychopathy is. It is how the brain formed in utero.Psychopathy is born. It is present,

Do psychopaths sometime become heroes?

Yes, the same fearlessness and low emotionality that can lead to us taking risks can be used for heroic actions. I know a psychopath who is a double murderer who saved a man from a burning car when everyone else was standing around and not taking action. He promptly kept on walking afterwards too, not looking for any

How are OCD and paranoia treated? What causes OCD and paranoia?

Exposure Response Prevention Therapy (ERP Therapy) is a type of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and, as far as I know, is the only effective treatment for OCD. An anti-anxiety medication such as Lexapro is also helpful for treating OCD, however it doesn't fix OCD, only ERP Therapy actually fixes

How can a person with OCD prevent their disorder from taking over their lives?

This is difficult because by the time you have allowed OCD behavior to take over your life, it has become a deeply habitual and engrained way of dealing with stress that is very difficult to shift.The stress the person suffering from OCD experiences

How common is malignant narcissism and what are the signs?

I don't know how common it is but I know the signs very well. My ex was an malignant narcissist. We dated off and on for a year then he moved in. It started with the what I like to call

How to know if I am a psychopath

Start with the PCL-R. Its not very good but its easy to take and a good place to start. If you score under 12 There is a 0% chance you are a psychopath, and if you score above 30 then you

How do people become psychopaths?

Nature and nurture both are responsible for psychopathy, till now evidence is showing nature takes the larger responsibility, by nature i mean inborn biological factors like brain structure, neurotransmitter and blood hormone level; but nurture part that is abusive childhood experiences

How do people with OCD deal with their irrational thoughts?

Many (though not all) people with OCD develop rituals that temporarily quiet their intensely distressing obsessive thoughts.You may want to read another answer I just wrote about OCD:Amy E. Brown's answer to How can you describe OCD?You can also learn more about OCD here: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

How does one overcome ADD and OCD without medication?

To Lessen Symptoms:Avoid sugar, find time to exercise (even if its just a 5-10min walk between tasks, it's essential to releasing restless energy), stay hydrated, take flaxseed oil  supplements for omega-3 supplement  (I take it 3 times a day to ease ADD and anxiety but it also has many other

I have read that there are subtypes to borderline personality disorder (BPD) but can not find much reading on the subject; could you help explain what kind of subtypes of BPD are out there?

The Question: I have read that there are subtypes to borderline personality disorder (BPD) but can not find much reading on the subject; could you help explain what kind of subtypes of BPD are out there?Bordeline personality disorder is also referred to as emotional dysregulation. The affliction is based on and occurs through early childhood trauma.The afflicted

I think my father is a psychopath and I fear he might kill me. What do I do?

Leave now and don't let him know where you are and cut off communication with him forever. If you are a minor, get cps involved. Or go to a teen shelter in your area.If you are an adult, no contact. Get a restraining order if that is an issue. Go to a domestic violence shelter

In your experience, what are the most common transferential manifestations and reactions in patients with borderline personality disorder?

Some great in depth answers from therapists but if you'd like the view point of someone with pretty serious behavioural issues due to my BPD in the past, here's my two cents..As you all know the very nature of BPD leaves us constantly striving to be loved or liked while

Is bipolar disorder a subcortical seizure disorder?

I think/hope you misheard your professor. No one knows what bipolar disorder really is and there's no evidence it is any one thing -- it's just a label. U.S. NIMH is no longer funding studies based on labels like bipolar disorder that simply describe a cluster of

Is OCD dangerous?

There are different type of OCDs. OCDs are mostly non-lethal, but can really ruin a person's life in other aspects. Typically a person's OCD will fall into one of the following four areas.Checking: the need to check is the compulsion, the obsessive fear might be to prevent damage, fire, leaks or harm Contamination / Mental Contamination: the need to

Psychopaths: Is it possible for a psychopath to become traumatized?

Thanks for the A2A. A very interesting question that will bring up an interesting answer and even more other questions.First of all you need to understand what events cause a trauma and what happens after you're traumatized.A trauma is usually caused by situations that induce heavy stress or that have a immense impact on your emotions,

What are some common misconceptions about people suffering from OCD(obsessive compulsive disorder)?

Maybe because of the movies, people tend to assume that they have to be smart. Or really really funny and annoying (which it's almost never true for the first one, and don't have to be for the second one, not everyone it's the worst case you ever seen).

What are the symptoms and signs of avoidant personality disorder?

The most important sign of avoidant personality disorder is a persistent avoidant behavior, especially in situations of interpersonal contact. There hasn't been pointed out one specific cause to the disorder, but many of those who are diagnosed have experienced chronic

What causes borderline personality disorder?

People are social creatures. Personalities are what we project as our social identity. It may actually be more appropriate to call BPD an

What exactly is OCD?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is an Anxiety Disorder that manifests in one of several ways; excessive cleanliness, checking/counting patterns, washing of objects, areas or self excessively, hoarding or ordering without an ability to cease this behavior which interferes with routines, preoccupies thinking and prevents one from

What is mental illness?

1.1 billion people in the world are having any mental or substance disorder. That's huge, isn't it?And the sad part is that more than 60 % of people who are having such disorders are unknown about it.People usually worry about physical illness having fever, cold, diabetes etc but they forget that What is mental health?According to Wikipedia:Mental health

What is Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder, and how is it different than OCD?

Both sound the same but there are two different disorders falling under two different category.Obsessive compulsive personality disorder is a Cluster C personality disorder, while obsessive compulsive disorder is an anxiety disorder.Personality disorders are

What is the comorbidity rate between ADD/ADHD and OCD?

It is estimated that 50% of patients diagnosed with ADD/ADHD "also have a learning disability, difficult regulating emotions, (anxiety disorder, depression), anger, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and/or a tic disorder". However, there is little consensus on the prevalence of ADD/ADHD

What makes someone a narcissist?

What makes someone a Narcissist?There are two ways to interpret this question:What characteristics lead a therapist to diagnose someone as having Narcissistic Personality Disorder?How does someone become a Narcissist?I will briefly answer both of these questions.Part 1: What characteristics would lead me to diagnose NPD?The Narcissistic PatternWhat we call Narcissistic Personality Disorder is actually a

When does Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) become harmful?

OCD can be harmful at any level. It becomes harmful when it directly affects  daily living activities and quality of life. At the lower end of the spectrum it can consume one's thoughts and mental activity. At the greater end

Can a pet be a narcissistic supply?

Most pets are a reflection of a narcissist. They're able to idealize, worship and serve as a ‘product' of narcissists. Some pets have emotions too, especially dogs, and are loyal to their owner. They're obliged to follow their owner wherever they go which offers a master-sub relationship. This allows

Can psychopaths have successful romantic relationships?

We are somewhat difficult to deal with for a normally wired person. Intimacy can be a problem. I am not wired for outreach. When the cues are there for physical contact, a hug when someone is upset or just bonding intimacy, it is something I have to remind myself

Can you inherit a tendency for mental illness?

It is the case that certain mental illnesses are more prevalent in some families, and less prevalent in others, within a single cultural group.It is also the case that people can have genetics that are correlated with mental illness, without ever having mental illness.Of

Do narcissistic parents try to control their children even in adulthood?

Yes. If you get married there's a good chance that they will try to sabotage the relationship. They'll undermine your parenting. You won't be allowed to parent your own kids. They'll ignore any preferences or rules that you attempt to put

How do psychopaths, sociopaths, and narcissists identify empaths?

One of the GREATEST descriptions was given by Dr. Paul Babiak, an expert in Psychopathy. I have summarized here (with some of my own interpretation) the game plan they use.Though most of us read about the three stage Idealize, Devalue and Discard, Dr. Babiak talks about the stages a bit differently:One. The Assessment Stage.

How to make a relationship work long term with a psychopath/sociopath

I can't help you with sociopaths, so consider my answer applicable only to high-functioning psychopaths. I'm also going to assume you're referring to a romantic relationship.If you don't want a psychopath to leave you make it advantageous for them to stay. That's all you need to do, you don't even need to read the

If a sociopath permanently lost all of their memories, would they still be a sociopath?

I answered a similar question before.The neural connections of the brain will still be what they were prior to the incident, so yes, the person would still be a sociopath. They really just wouldn't understand why they are the way they are.Though

Is borderline personality disorder a serious mental illness?

As a psychiatrist, I would without hesitation characterize borderline personality disorder as a serious mental illness -- perhaps even the most serious of all mental illnesses. Why? Whereas symptoms of other very serious disorders, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, can be substantially improved with medication, personality

Is jealousy a part of narcissism?

Yes. But it is a different type of jealousy for narcissists.The key to remember here is that narcissists don't have a well developed personality and sense of self that others have, so jealousy is not experienced in the same way for them as for non-narcissists.Classic jealousyis usually about a comparison

Is narcissistic personality disorder rare?

I'm working to be professional about this answer.NO,Npd is NOT a rare disorder.Over a span of decades,now,it's grown to be very common,from epidemic over to PANDEMIC.This is why YouTube,and over plentious of other websites carry major articles or videos ,concerning Npd.Wether or NOT a clinican rates these persons as SUBclinical or CLINICAL,they are NOT into anything resembling

What are reasons behind borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder?

Both disorders may have to do with having gone through traumatic experiences, and with a lack of sufficient life and social skills (the latter often being a result of the first).With regard to another answer you got: Bipolar disorder is NOT ‘just an abnormality in the amount of neurochemicals being released in the

What is it like dating someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

The things you will experience with them and the feelings that you will feel going on a relationship with them.Early Stages of the Relationship:They portray themselves as victims, basically sharing all the sad stories that happened to them, how they got mistreated and abused by people, with this method they gain your sympathy and connect you even deeper

What is it like to be a sociopath (or have ASPD, or psychopathy, or any variation thereof)?

Boring. Mind numbingly boring. Everything is grey and dull. You can't get really excited or enthusiastic about anything.Imagine seeing everything in your life as inputs and outputs. You do these actions as an input, you get this as an output.Apply that to love, relationships, careers, family.I want a girlfriend?I make myself high value by having

What is the relationship between ‘golden children' and ‘scapegoat children'?

The golden child usually participates in scapegoating their scapegoat sibling. My sister was a covert narcissist and she gaslighted me many times. I couldn't express myself with her, even though I still kept trying and it turned against me. When we were kids, she already

What personality disorders are common in children of narcissistic parents?

The children of Narcissistic parents who develop personality disorders (and not all do) generally become either Narcissistic or Schizoid. A few develop Borderline Personality Disorder. A lot depends on how abusive the parents are and whether they share their Narcissistic supplies with their children or only devalue and abuse them.In my clinical

Why do psychopaths get married?

They get married, because their wife cooks them a hell of a good, juicy T-bone steak! They do not have to take the trouble to buy the steak, because their wife does the shopping. They do not have to get out in the rain, to go to a steak house. And it is much cheaper, if your wife does

Would a sociopath be bothered to pursue long term revenge plans?

Depends on what caused the relationship to go sour. Did you out said person in jail or prison? Did you attempt to ruin their credit score by jacking up all their cc? Did you purposely try to set them up? Did you get mad because they didn't wanna be with you anymore and you took things to court for