What movie or TV show has the most realistic courtroom scene?

Most are so terrible that I haven't been able to watch one in years. The standout exception is Presumed Innocent based on the (first?) novel by Scott Turow. A lawyer himself, he should be pleased with the screen adaptation with Harrison Ford and the late, great Raul Julia.

Do actors watch movies (featuring themselves) as entertainment?

Yes!Times of India recently had an interview of Shahrukh khan and in this interview he mentioned that he hasn't seen Swades till now. And he is planning to see it soon.

What makes a good villain monologue?

The essential thing about performance villains is that think of themselves as reasonable people dealing with sometimes difficult situations. Look for a speech by a character like the one you want to play - angry, scared, powerful, sneaky, seductive - and play it sincerely.

Why are people calling actresses 'actors' now?

Calling actors of either gender actors is nothing new. This began during the early days of cinema and acting. The world actress, according to some historian's, had it's usage begun during the late 16th or early 17th century when women began appearing in plays for

What is an Actress?

An actress is a girl or woman who has a job or duty of being someone else. We all know all the big actresses out there like Jennifer Lawrence, who are known because of their acting skills. Actresses don't necessarily need to be the main role in

Which actor can play biopic role of your idol and why?

There are so many people I admire.Here's the list of my idols.VLADIMIR PUTIN (because of the Patriotism he has for Russia,whatever his methods are.I like leaders who do extreme)JULIAN ASSANGE (He's a real life superhero and a vigilante.He is fighting the world

If you are an actor/actress & offered a lead role, (Hollywood movie or not), who's the actor/actress you want to be your partner in the movie & why?

If I were an actress, and was offered a lead role in a movie, I want either of the following actors to become my leading man in the movie's story: Mike Shinoda (of Linkin Park), Chris Evans, Chris Pine, James Franco, Vin Diesel, or Justin Long. My only reasons: they are so talented and handsome! ;-p

How do straight actresses feel in a lesbian kissing scene?

There is absolutely nothing sexy about a kissing scene from the actors' point of view, at all, regardless of gender or gender preference. For starters, you're surrounded by the camera crew, there might be a mike floating above your heads, and the director will be shouting orders (really funny/awkward orders sometimes). Then comes the

Which actors/actresses could play the main characters in a film adaptation of Infinite Jest?

This casting is going way over the budget an Infinite Jest movie would get, but it's a fun idle question so here goes.Joelle van Dyne (Madame Psychosis) : Jena MaloneShe's mostly an actor but she makes the kind of music

What is the hardest role an actor has ever played?

The hardest part I've ever played was a dwarf in Snow White.It was a fairy tale showcase. I was also playing Little Red Riding Hood in the one before. I had literally 3 1/2 minutes to change out of a little dress with a red

Will joining a theater help me become a good actress?

Thank you for the A2A.If you are joining a theater company, and are auditioning for roles in the show, it might not make you a *good* actress, but it will be a lifetime of experience.Not everyone in a theater company is an extremely *good* actor/actress, but

Which actor/actress surprised you most in a role?

I went to see Gabbar is back. I had read somewhere that Sunil Grover has done very good job in this film. When I saw the film, i was completely wowed by sunil grover aka gutthi's performance. The person who is famous for doing women role in comedy shows has done a very serious role so

What makes actors/actresses want to act?

I find that most actors get into acting because they want to tell stories. Great actors are great storytellers and they want to use that gift to inspire, to make people laugh, to make people cry, to educate people about topics they

How to tell whether you're watching a great actor/actress

I suggest you attack your problem directly, rather than looking at other actors. Learn your lines, learn the scenes you are in, know the story of the play. Find out all you can about the time and setting of the play, and what other people have said about it. Keep on

Why do some actors choose to go uncredited in movies?

There is no single answer to this question because actors do this for more than one reason. These include the example of

What are the best courses related to acting and film?

There is a course which is The Best and it's online.WWI Virtual Academy is India's 1st Online Film School.The Whistling Woods Virtual Academy is an e-learning platform, which will make available video-based courses in multiple areas of Film and Media Education. Designed by experts and divided into 9 modules, this unique e-learning experience will help students understand the

Which actor/actress had the most lucky career?

In bollywood I think Ranbir Kapoor who won 2 Filmfare in a row but got flop later but again remain his fame I think these rich actors from rich parents doesn't know the meaning of being broke luck is just a one time thing it doesn't last forever hard works always pays off for eg SRK who was

Why is it necessary to be very good looking if you want to become an actor?

Looking good might be an added advantage but it is not mandatory. Looking appropriate for the character being played and acting skills are more important. There are many actors who played deglamorized roles and looked ugly for the characters they have played.Even the ugliest person can be made to look

Acting: What makes an actor stand out?

Genuine enthusiasm for the work (along with many prerequisites).I believe your original question was merged with "what define's a great actor?"There are actually quite a number of truly, and definitively great actors. What defines them is a combination of qualities (least of which has to do with

Who is the most talented and versatile actor who could play any role that comes their way?

I don't know about can. I do know who could do that, Alan Rickman. That man could do it all, comedy, drama, and villain roles. I never saw a movie in which he made a misstep. I really haven't seen any actor currently out there who is as versatile as he was. Don't get me wrong. There are many

Do actors watch their own movies/shows before they air?

I don't think so. It seems like I've heard actors/actresses talk about seeing it all for the first time at the movie premiere, giving their reactions afterward. I'm sure they see bits and pieces of the film when getting clarification or instruction from

How do actors get into films?

I believe you're asking how an aspiring actor can get into films Firstly, acting industry, whether its television or movies, is a very competitive and difficult place to survive in. You need not just talent but also hard work, passion and determination - a lot of them! The industry is full of nepotism -

What actors have never been in a good movie?

Tough question.I immediately thought of a few names, but after going to IMDB and checking, none were EXCLUSIVELY in bad movies.Rob Schneider managed bit parts in Home Alone 2 and Demolition man.Adam Sandler's only been MOSTLY terrible - he did produce a

How is the life of an actor?

Actors, producers, and directors express ideas and create images in theatre, film, radio, television and other performing arts media. There is no standard career progression for an actor. Some actors spend their whole career moving from one acting contract to another, performing similar work without gaining extra responsibility or a

Has the death of an actor/actress ever changed the way you watch their movies?

Yes. Robin Williams most of his vehicles irritated me. A few hit home. Patch Adams, Awakenings and such. Mrs. Doubtfire was generally all around entertaining to me.Others many times his body language and line delivery didn't match to me. After watching documentaries

How much do actors/actresses get paid?

That amount that actors and actresses get paid varies enormously, from minimum wage to ridiculous riches.According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for an American actor was $18.70 per hour, as of May 2016, which means that half of the 69,400 actors in the United States

How do actors/actresses play dead characters in a scene?

I recently went to a showing of the Princess Bride. Cary Elwes (Westley) was present for a Q and A after the movie. He addressed a lot of questions and told a lot of stories about when he was on set.  One of

How much of a factor do looks play, in comparison to acting skills, when selecting an actor to play a real person in a film?

In this day and age, looks do tend to play a gigantic role when it comes to the selection of an actor playing a real person more than his talent. Producers want to make money, and they will do anything that will sell their

As an actor, how does it feel to find yourself in a movie that is not very good?

A lot of variables need to be considered:Can the actor afford to eat until a decent piece of work comes along? If not forgive the actor for the parts taken?Can the actor learn anything from turning up and being professional. I think any person dedicated to that degree of professionalism will

Are there any actors who play the same character in every movie?

Plenty, if not most.There are basically two kinds of actors....revelatory and transformative.Revelatory actors reveal themselves more deeply in each role. The characters change, but the actors does basically the same types of things with their body and face to reveal the character. Film and TV lend themselves to this type of acting. Think Tom

We've all heard of actors who turn out to be terrible people in real life, but what about actors who turned out to be amazing people?

Steve Buscemi. In the aftermath of the tragic events around 9/11, while most celebrities were offering their ‘thoughts and prayers', Steve actually got his hands dirty. An ex-fire fighter, he turned up at the twin towers and worked 12-hour shifts alongside fire fighters from his old fire house, digging for survivors.

How much would the average actor make in a movie?

Standard daily rate for SAGAFTRA (i.e. union) projects is around $1000.00 for eight hours. 1.5x rate for 8–10 hours 2x rate for 10–12 hours. There are also various late meal penalties and such. Costume and hair and makeup test rates. Travel days, etc. Standard weekly is around $3200. See this

What actor is the best athlete?

Depends on how you look at it. Two of the best ever in their sports-Jim Brown (Dirty Dozen) Kareem Abdul-Jabber (Airplane) had fairly successful acting careers. Actually, OJ Simpson did too.For people who made acting their primary career, Burt Reynolds (FSU Football), Michael Ontkean (UNH Hockey), Hill Street Blues actors Michael Warren (UCLA Basketball) and

Which male actors would you like to see play a gay couple in a movie?

Choosing the right actors to play the roles is never an easy task. However, it is fun to come up with your own cast even if it is not going to be an official one. We all know the feeling of coming to the realization that our

Is there any good movies with the actor/actress playing role of mental retardation child?

I think there are many. But I might not remember much.I am Sam (Sean Penn as an autistic father battle the custody of his daughter)What's Eating Gilbert Grape (Leonardo Dicaprio as a young autistic boy)The Good Doctor is a TV series which involving a young brilliant doctor who

What are real movies and real acting?

According to me, an acting makes the movie what it is. If the acting is brilliant, the movie with a medium level of story also becomes a good thing to watch.Real acting is becoming the character in the movie completely and leaving the actor behind. Real acting makes a real movie and real movies have a definite

Who is the most sensible Hollywood actor/actress and why?

Meghan Markle has made many good moves over the years.1) Double majored in theater and international relations at a very good college (Northwestern U) and pursued high-profile activities in both areas.2) Maintained a strong social media presence.3) Made $50K per episode for several seasons on the cable series Suits on which

Do actors get inspired by the character they were playing?

Absolutely Yes, they do! If you are one of those people who "enjoy" writing, you would agree that the process brings clarity & evolution to you. I aint no actor of the serious kind, but I do lil bits of theatrics & histrionics among friends. Now as far as my experience

Is acting as easy as it looks?

Simple answer: no.It seems easy when you watch it on film or TV, for sure. Even on stage, some actors just make it look effortless.What you are not seeing for on-camera work are the many, many takes that came before (and after) the one that flashed before your eyes. Or the hours an

When an actor/actress plays the same character for a long time do the find themselves behaving more like the character they play?

your question includes a huge profession, with very diverse practitioners for whom generalizations aren't useful. the answer, sometimes, but usually in a superficial aspect of the character.for the hundreds of thousands of roles that don't change who portrays them, here are a few who were affected by

What actress made the most drastic physical change for a movie role?

Many males have done this before.Recently, Natalie Portman appeared in Black swan as a featherweight ballerina. She was disappointed at not receiving the Oscar. Rightly so. In my opinion.Many actresses have done amazing things for their portrayals in film. Lilian Gish will never be topped. She risked

How do actors handle themselves during sex/intimate scenes?

It is necessary to read answers from actors about this. Don't believe outsider's uninformed responses. this question has been asked and answered many many times.I'll be brief. I am an actor. Stanislavskian technique and its descendants have actors