What are some facts about Hitler?

Hitler did not commit suicide in Berlin but escaped to Argentina!Although official records say that Hitler committed suicide, there are reports that he may have hoaxed it and that he actually escaped to Argentina along with several other Nazis and a huge treasure! Here is what one of FBI's files says on this:

Do people hate Hitler? Why?

Hitler is populist leader like Donald trump.. They are leader chosen by public as result of pessimism between people. Nazi people despair due to lot of sanction on Germany after world war 1 , Germans tortured very badly econmicly and socially. Nazi are most of middle class and economic lower class

How did Subhas Chandra Bose recognize Hitler?

When Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose went to meet Adolf Hitler for the first time, he was asked to wait in a hall by his men.Netaji started reading a book in the hall.A man, who was a duplicate of Hitler, entered the hall and he went back as he wasn't entertained by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.Many duplicates entered the

If you could assassinate Hitler during WWII, what would be your last words to him?

*It's 1942 and Agent Kyle is deep undercover at the Berghof, Hitler's mountain lair in Obersalzburg, Bavaria for Operation Potato Cannon - a daring plot to assassinate the Nazi queen bee himself, Adolf Hitler. Using a clever disguise and posing as a simple chambermaid, Agent Kyle has gained the trust of the staff at the Berghof over

What are some shocking facts about Hitler?

Original question: What are some shocking facts about Hitler?Probably that he was so horribly mundane - by the way, he both drank alcohol upon occasion and ate meat. He started a legend for a reason.What he couldn't do is eat meat in a portion that would be normal for dinner - you can't serve sausages at a state dinner.

What are some weird things about Hitler?

Hitler's personal doctor was one of the worst in history. He was poisoning him with his remedies.Hitler had uncontrollable flatulence and he thought this doctor was helping but instead was making him crazy.Hitler, a hypochondriac, suffered uncontrollable flatulence all his life. spasmodic stomach cramps,

What are the most disturbing facts about Adolf Hitler that most people do not know?

The anti-Semitism, the extreme authoritarianism, and so on, are pretty well known.His fondness for dogs and his (alleged) vegetarianism are not particularly disturbing.I'd go with the allegations by some of his military aides that he sometimes got so carried away with anger that he literally dropped to the floor and started chewing

Where is Hitler's body? Where did he die?

According to official records, Hitler shot himself in his bunker on April 30, 1945. Although there are hundreds of other conspiracy's about this, the official one is the most plausible. There are many reasons for this.The Red Army was a mere two blocks form the F├╝herbunker. There was an extremely real danger of being captured.Hitler had decided

Why do almost all far-right fascist leaders seem to be at war with the truth of what happened in Germany under Hitler?

Because being honest about that wouldn't help them. You have to be very warped to *want* a state like Nazi Germany which has ruined itself by building up a massive military, ruined itself to a point of making war inevitable to avoid

Would you go back in time and kill baby Hitler?

What a great question.  I love the paradox or time travel and bending history to meet a desired outcome.  The problem with the question and all questions of this nature are that they presuppose something.  This question presupposes that killing baby Hitler would have yielded a better result to history.  The question completely ignores the

What did Hitler think of India and Indian people?

Hitler was a megalomaniacal, opportunistic, genocidal, racist arsehole with a penchant for inventing a number of theories based on lies with his Nazi pals and repeating it long enough to convince those around him (and even himself) that they (his theories) were facts.His views regarding Indians were similar to those held by him for Slavic people.He considered

Why did Hitler hate gays?

Homosexuality was still seen as a crime and as a morally disgusting deed by the majority in Hitler's days. Would he have been a random nice guy painting in his attic that he would have probably felt some kind of repulsion towards homosexuality