How to win my boyfriend back

How to get your ex boyfriend backYour relationship with a special guy has come and gone, but now you want him back.Here's how to turn that ex-boyfriend into your significant other once again! Follow these steps to help you out.They might not just let

How to deal with my stingy boyfriend

It's no fun dealing with someone who's stingy on a regular basis. It definitely leads to problems in the relationship and builds up resentment, frustration and dissatisfaction over time. You first need to bring up the subject but be careful with it. You don't have to sound

How to know if your boyfriend doesn't love you anymore

No eye contact, no touching, no calling, verbal abuse, no sex, no intimacy for prolonged periods of time. He doesn't say he loves you after you have told him so.Indifference is the coldest and cruelest way...not noticing you.He says one thing and his actions are no in sync with his words.Listen to your gut!Contact the YWCA (google

How to successfully leave a long term relationship

1. Have somewhere to go.2. Be quick & clean; don't negotiate. explain and leave.3. Try not to involve other people more than you have to. Many of your friends will be shared; try not to force them to 'take sides'4. But do be wary that some WILL take sides,

I don't feel any excitement when I'm with my boyfriend anymore but I don't feel like letting him go. I don't want to. Why?

When children get a new toy that they really like, at some point the initial excitement vanishes and they put it down. They seldom play with it anymore and they want something new.Sounds like your situation.Relationships mature. The initial attraction that a person has for someone doesn't always last. That's why its called

I want to marry my married boyfriend, what do I do?

Sometimes we fall for people we know we shouldn't fall for, but then we need to stop and ask ourselves if this is truly what we can allow ourselves to do.If you want to marry him, then tell him. Tell him you want to progress more in your relationship with him. If he says no, then you

Is it normal that my boyfriend didn't get me anything for my birthday?

NO.What most guys (sorry, massive generalizations about to happen) don't seem to understand that it's not about the present itself. It's not about a Hallmark greeting card, or a dozen long stemmed roses.We can buy things for ourselves - we have our own $$, and we can get what we

My boyfriend lacks ambition and drive. I don't. Should we break up?

You should be true to your heart. If ambition and drive are an integral part of your identity and are things of utmost importance to you then obviously, you are not well matched. There will come a day when the disparity

My boyfriend of 6 months doesn't make enough time for me. Is it time to end things?

When you first started dating, the relation was new. It was exciting. And that's why there was an effort to be together as much as you could.6 months on, you're going steady. You've gotten comfortable, and it's just another thing in your life.So here's the thing. Keep it interesting. A relationship takes work from both

Should I give my boyfriend a second chance after cheating on me?

First of all, you need to work out if it's love you feel for this guy, or simply deep attachment. No matter how much a part of your life he seems, true love cannot exist without trust and respect. Since you

Should I move in with my boyfriend?

Thanks for the A2A. Generally, I try to avoid these questions because I don't know the specific situation. So, as a random guy on the internet take what I say with a grain of salt because this is my general impression.First,

What are some signs that your boyfriend really loves you?

DressYou two are going to a mall. You are dressed very prettily. You are wearing a T-shirt and shorts, attractive coolers and a cap. Three guys are crossing you, passing some dirty comments and laying their eyes on your breasts and thighs.If your

What can I do about my boyfriend being a slob?

Because male's brains, on average, have a higher threshold for mess than female's do. They simply don't notice it as much. There is a certain point of messiness where male brains will begin to lose focus and notice the chaos of their surroundings

What should I do if my boyfriend does not want to marry me?

Did he come to know about his parents after meeting you?Was he open at the get go of your relationship that it will never lead to marriage because he doesnt want to hurt his parents? If that is the case - he is off the hook as this was never meant to be a serious relationship. I am not

When would be the best time to tell my boyfriend that I am pregnant? Should I wait?

This is a lot of information for your boyfriend to take in. So try cutting it into bite-sized chunks. Decide in advance when you're going to tell your boyfriend, where you're going to tell him, and what you're going to say.When you break the news that

Why can't I leave my alcoholic, emotionally stunted boyfriend?

It is because of the way natural selection has shaped women over many generations. Natural selection is important - a woman born without eggs in her ovaries will not pass on her DNA no matter how wonderful it might otherwise be.There are many factors which affect how many DNA copies a person passes along to children.

How to lower my feelings for my boyfriend

What you are looking for is not how to love your boyfriend less, but how to accept things if they don't work out the way you hope.You love him, that is obvious. He loves you too, but he doesn't show it in the ways you need. This lack of emotional fulfillment is what

How to make my boyfriend happy while making out

I'm not sure how everyone else is reading the question, but I'm assuming this couple is already making out, and she wants him to enjoy it more.If you've tried everything and nothing seems to be working, sure, ask him. But I can't imagine that's necessary,

I feel my boyfriend doesn't understand me and I feel tortured. What should I do?

OK, honey, now listen. You and this man are VERY different. You obviously are a very emotional type of person-and from how you've described him-he is NOT. You can't FORCE this man to be something he isn't-or to feel things in the way(s) that you yourself do. That's

I just found out my 43 year old boyfriend tried to have a fling with a 16 year old before we met. Is this a deal breaker?

I once overlooked something very similar.Before I made the decision, I too anonymously asked the internet, "Should I overlook this?" The answers came back with enough yeses to make me feel guilty for not overlooking it. My friend told me, "It probably felt good to be wanted by her."

I want my boyfriend to feel free in our relationship. I want to trust him, but I feel like I can't trust anyone right now. How can I stop being so jealous of my boyfriend talking or dealing with other females? What steps should I take to improve my behavior?

This is going to sound nonsensical at first, but bear with me for a couple of paragraphs, at least.In a love relationship, trust is meaningless. As another Quoran points out so eloquently, how you feel about him has little or nothing

Should I move in with my boyfriend so I can get out of my parents house?

Nope, absolutely not for that reason.If you have problems with your parents and

After I told my boyfriend that I didn't want to be gay anymore. He got angry at me and left. I don't want to leave my boyfriend but I also don't want to live like this anymore, what should I do?

A2AFirstly, I would say to you that this is who you are and nothing and no-one can change that. As much as you may not be fully accepting of the fact that you are gay but you really are gay. Learn to accept yourself wholeheartedly and fully.Do you not want to be

Can an ex-boyfriend become again your boyfriend?

Honey! Why do you want that? Is he an ex..let him be!! Let yourself be open for new and better people..If you still want him back no matter what..Try this-NO CONTACT RULEJust go with the 30 day challenge and do not contact your boyfriend by ANY MEANS! Google it out for

Do I tell her what her boyfriend says about her?

Really depends on what he said. If he speaks highly of her she would probably enjoy hearing the great things he is saying. If he just wanted to use your ears to vent some frustration at that moment then leave it

How to stop being so desperate to have a girlfriend

I really appreciated the way you put forward your situation. At least you have the guts to say there is a desperation in you. Trust me there are Not a single human being who dont have any kind of desperation, its just matter of the extent, anyways with your

How to deal with a boyfriend who does not give me enough attention

Leave that person who has changed and never cared for you. Initially, every boyfriend is awesome but later they start taking us for granted. If your boyfriend doesnt get changed even till years, it means that he is the only one for you because it shows their love, patience, caring and commitment. Show him that you are not

How to deal with a boyfriend who doesn't give me time

I know it hurts severly..but people dont understand other's emotions...nobody..!! I HV felt that loving infinitely only results in sadness..this is the real world..!!Leave him can HV infinite options..don't ever wait forforBusTrainBoys..If you are true women...boys would fall in line for shouldn't desire love at the cost of self

How to know my boyfriend wants to marry me

If you are shy to ask direct question you try this trick to get a hint what is really going in his mind.If you go out and about with your boyfriend in the mall find a bridal shop. Stop and stare the mannequin wearing a bridal

How to politely tell my boyfriend I don't like the way he kisses me without hurting his feelings

It may be easier than you think.While you are kissing him, whisper,

How to tell my boyfriend that I am going back to my husband

Just like this...Hey John doe, I have came to realize . That the grass was greener on tbe other side, do too the fact it was fertilized with bullshit. Therefor, I'm here to tell you. That my selfish, inconsiderate self is going back to tbe person.

I have a husband and a boyfriend, am I a bad person?

Absolutely not. But you are not a good person either.Either get a divorce from your husband or work it out with the husband, and dump the not have both at the same time without your husband and boyfriend knowing about each's ridiculous.If a man

I hurt my boyfriend, he was really upset but he forgave me and is suddenly being nicer to me than ever. Does anyone know why?

He may perceive your action as not so hurting ...BUT suddenly he starts thinking that by showing his unhappiness ,he may lose you....!!!Which is a big insecurity. He definitely feels that there is no life after you and it is all his feeling of becoming lonely . This situation may create terrible

I'm dealing with a boyfriend who gets turned on by himself and he abandons me for days even though he knows I was adopted after being a foster kid. Should I leave him?

OK, let's see, the question begs to be clarified. I think to sum up the question you are feeling not loved and desired. My answer is two part, one do you love him and does he love you, if so talk to him and tell

If a guy didn't want to kiss his ex, he wouldn't have. Am I right to be upset about my boyfriend?

Your boyfriend did want to kiss his ex. And that is his choice to if he wants. You should not be upset over this - You may not like him kissing another girl but that is his right if he wants

Is it fair to ask my boyfriend about marriage after over 2 years of dating?

A2A.It's a bad idea to ask when he's going to settle down and marry you. But you're not asking that. You just want to know how he feels about the idea and if he sees it in the future.

Is my boyfriend over his ex?

Don't mind me saying this, butIs she better looking than you?Does he always talk about her, seemingly to make you jelous?Is he dominant in your relationship?Is he not that sensitive, and doesn't care half of what you say?Are his texts smaller than yours?These answers can clear some doubt. The full confirmation comes when you ask him directly.

I've tried to break up with my boyfriend many times but he doesn't allow me to. What is the best way to end things?

A break up does not need to be mutual, and rarely is. If one partner wants to break up, then it's time to break up. Your (ex)boyfriend is not the boss of you. If you want things to be over, you should be clear and concise, and your relationship will be over. And if

My boyfriend and I broke up after 2 years of being in love. But, I regret it and want him back. What do I do?

You dont want to move on because you feel you have invested a lot of time in him? You said "i dont want it all to go to waste". Well, i assure you it isnt going to waste, your boyfriend

My boyfriend and I want to move and start a new life. Where should we move?

go to colorado!!!!  specifically either boulder or denver (i lived in thornton which was a little distance from both)  within a day i knew colorado was my new home.  look it up online, but pinterest and the internet pictures are amazing, but the stories people share are even more so.  the weather

My boyfriend bites me and I told him I don't like it, but he only does it during anxiety crisis and says he can't control it, forcing me to forgive him. Is it abusive behavior?

Yes. This is extremely abusive. His biting is abusive physically and his bullying you to accept his (insincere) apologies is emotionally abusive. He's biting you because hurting you makes him feel better for a little while. He's forcing you to accept his apologies because

My boyfriend bites my neck now instead of kissing it. What does this say to me?

Apparently nothing at all if you have to ask.He's just trying new things and it's your jobs to communicate to each other what you like or don't like, what you need and what you want.Just as a precaution though, you

My boyfriend does not want to get married, but he wants to live together. My parents won't allow me to live with him without getting married. What should I do?

Suppose you were living on your own, with your own income, dependent on no one, and your parents were dead.Your boyfriend wants to move into your home and live with you, but says he doesn't want boundaries. No one will disapprove if you let him move in. It's just between

My boyfriend fought with my husband over me years ago, now we both fancy each other, it's not working out with my husband, what should I do?

Who told you that marriage was easy, all fun and games? A successful marriage takes work, not just hoping nothing will be difficult and if it is you can always run away.Have you spoken with your husband about your dissatisfaction? Have you listened to him?

My boyfriend is in another country on holiday and we have had an argument. He is now ignoring my calls and messages, what can I do?

Let it go. Guys sulk. I guess girls do too... but that's not really pertinent.Best remedy for a sulking partner? Have a great time. They'll have to either drop the sulk as it's obviously not working, or risk losing you. After all, someone having that great a time probably doesn't want to waste time

My boyfriend paid off my son's car. My bf then sold it for a $4000 profit. He keeps talking about what a great thing he did over and over months later and how he helped my son. I think since he made $4000 he should let it go. Am I being ungrateful?

When in doubt about money - create an excel spreadsheet.Layout exactly:how much did your bf spend paying off the car (his initial outlay)how much he spent helping your son run the car (if any)how much he received when the car was soldThe difference between 3 and the first 2 points

Should I break up with my boyfriend if I feel like he doesn't have time for me?

I see many relationship questions like this on Quora every week:

Should I tell my current boyfriend about my past relationships?

I suppose you are a woman since for a man it doesn't matter. Feminists please refrain from getting triggered, this is the truth, no matter how inconvenient it is for you.Well you are between a rock and a hard place. Why? Because you are

What do I do after telling my boyfriend I cheated?

Ugh.....That's rough.That usually is a relationship killer.What I suggest is that you can do is three things:Do not look for a monogamous relationship. If you have a tendency to cheat then it's not for you.Another is stay single and just have casual sex.Last is finding a partner who is open to open relationships.Your

What does it mean when my boyfriend says he still wants me, but he doesn't have time to commit?

No. You make time for people if you really care for them. No matter how busy you are.I've had friends who would use "busy-ness" as an excuse with me. If we think about it, we can always, always be busy. If I didn't want to see someone, I will find

What should I do if my boyfriend is not giving me time?

Hi, It happens with me as well. There might be several reasons, either positive or negetive:Boys give time according to their prior things .He might be carrier oriented. His first priority is career then family then friends or something else like tv show, playing games, cartoon etc etc then you. In this situation you can not do anything because

What should I do if my family approves of me dating my boyfriend, but his family doesn't know about me and won't accept me dating him because of my religion?

What happens depends a great deal on your boyfriend's attitude, how much he is willing to stand by you despite his family's disapproval. If you marry against his family's wishes, they may come round after the birth of the first child. They may not.If

When I try to talk to my boyfriend about what bothers me about what he's doing, do it as gently as possible but he turns it into an all out drama and that I hurt him, what are my options?

In a healthy relationship, you should be able to talk to each other about serious issues without drama. He is attempting to manipulate your issue into his in order to avoid taking responsibility. He seems very immature, so you might want to consider dating someone else.

When is moving in with girlfriend/boyfriend a bad idea?

Thanks for the A2ASounds like you've lived a wonderfully full life, but I warn about moving in with someone too soon. My ex moved in after two weeks, and that was way too early.See how you're doing in six months

How does my boyfriend go through old messages between my ex and I? My ex and I ended a year ago in good terms and I deleted messages for when we did date but he still looks for them.

He is mostly very insecure, possessive or both. He is not entitled to do this simply by being your boyfriend. You don't have to let him. If it upsets him to have this denied, he is not fit to have

Why doesn't my boyfriend speak to me and spend time with me?

You should not worry about why is he not talking. First worry about his love towards you. Does he love you?????If he loves you then he would not ignore you until he does not have any interest in any other girl.He may be interested in any other girl.He would be trying

Will my boyfriend come back after we broke up on good terms?

We on the internet don't know.We don't know your boyfriend or why you two broke up? Even if it was on good terms.You need to respect his decision and focus on yourself now for a while. Seriously.You broke up for a reason, or more. Yes? We don't know why. Therefore we have no data to work with. Do you