Can you develop ambition?

Picking up the way of the warrior. Many cultures have warriors and many teach the disciplines of mind over matter.Know that the best sword. is one kept sheathed. Until the time is right.Understanding that it is more important to be a warrior in the garden then to be a gardener in war.To know yourself is to know the

Do people who work hard really succeed in life?

Absolutely.When I first immigrated to USA 19 years ago, I was desperately broke, had some health issues, a newborn, and every reason to despair.I was on government assistance, ashamed of having bad teeth. My little Geo car kept breaking down and it had no heater or air conditioning. It smelled of old food and

How should life work?

It theoretically should work very well if life were ruled by love and justice.  Justice for all would put all people on a level playing field where all abide by the same rules.  Love would ensure fair treatment for all as theoretically love starts with the love of self ensuring all love is driven

Is ambition a curse?

Sometimes ambition can feel like a curse due to the political restraints placed on individuals who have a strong desire to make a difference but lack the opportunities to do so. Such people typically end up ‘making' their own opportunity which can cost them heavily or lead them

Is it better to have too much ambition rather than too little ambition?

Thanks for the A2A.I think what's important when it comes to ambition is balance.Ambition in itself is important, but not necessary for every person to feel they have succeeded in life. Ambition can motivate, it can help someone to stand out to a certain degree, be inspiring

Is it worth living in California?

Absolutely depending on your life style and pocket book.   What's. It to like?  You are half an hour away from the place Tony Bennett left his heart-The world famous San Francisco with the Goldengate Bridges and half an hour drive to the 17 mile drive of Monterey where Steinbeck wrote

What 10 things should I do every day to become smarter?

Well, Before I start writing this answer, and before you start reading it, you must know that

What are the biggest misconceptions that Indonesians have about India?

Im not sure that the misconceptions you mean is political related or just a general . but heres some of  the misconception of most Indonesian (or maybe even the world) about India that i know- Indians are vegetarianI got to admit i

What can I learn right now in 30 minutes that will be useful for the rest of my life?

How to protect your spine from these 8 Everyday Activities That Can Damage Your Spine8. Brushing your teethWhen we stand, the pressure on the spine is much higher than during a long walk. If you have to stand for hours every day, you should find a way to mitigate the harmful influence on your spine.How to avoid itWhen you

What is it like to realize you're old?

It's like drowning - well, how they describe it. You eventually accept your fate - that you are old, overweight, poor, and only hope to hold a job for some good time. And then find another one, and keep going.

What is something you struggle with in life no matter how hard you try?

The endlessly smug, unctious attitudes of those holier than thou leftists that are proud of themselves for their inanity; waving the flags of lunacy as if it has value in all things. Guns? Take them away, problem solved! Don't want to work? Free basic income! Don't

What is that one thing you always have when you don't need it, but never have when you do?

I have been on a roll coaster of loosing and gaining weight. Finally my doctor put me on Apidex and I have lost 28 pounds. I have 16 more pounds to loose to get to BMI of 25. What I have learned always have high self esteem regardless of weight or any situation that weighs your mind. I

What is the essence of being a woman?

The true essence of a woman lies in her attributes of who she is as a person, what she has to offer herself and to the people around her. This makes for the true beauty of a woman. For many women it can be hard to truly appreciate who

What is the most important thing in life?

A woman came out of her house and saw 3 old men with long white beards sitting in her front yard. She did not recognize them. She said "I don't think I know you, but you must be hungry. Please come in and have something

What is the most important thing in your life?

Basically everyone (or) every life has some cause !Each and everyone live their life in different ways that depends on the social conditions prevailing around them and the conditions that surrounded then while they are growing up. So , my

What is the one thing that made you the person you are today?

Entering MBBS.I was just another smart, carefree, entitled, high school student from a middle class family.Then I got in.Slowly, step by step, year by year, med school taught me things that I didn't expect.I saw batchmates who were first generation learners from underprivileged families struggling with things that I found simple.I saw patients so poor

What should one do when things are not working out in life?

This will happen 99% of the time. All your planning goes down the drain. A moment ago you were happy,and then you start contemplating on what can you do to rectify it.You chalk out your strategy, prepare a modified plan and start acting

Why are most people way more open with the appreciation of female beauty than of male beauty?

Female desire/ sexuality is not considered valid by mainstream society. This is one reason why many people think two women kissing is "ok" while  the same person might think two men kissing is degenerative. Women are socially forbidden from expressing any desire without coming off as desperate, strange,

Why is ambition considered good?

Ambition is one of those words which can be defined in different ways depending on your subjective understanding of it. Most people define the word in terms of a drive to achieve as much as possible in material terms. Indeed, ambition is 'sold' in the West particularly, as something which relates only to material gain.

Why should I live?

Hey there. Over 100 answers on a pretty deep question, yet none of the answers thus far have a significant amount of upvotes. Death, and suicide in particular, is difficult to articulate.I came here, because I would like to die. I am here because I am trying my hardest, not to take the knife next to my bed,

Are Humans scary to Aliens?

There are those who say there are many thousands of alienspecies of many different sizes, appearances, and dispositions, some of whichwould no doubt regard humans as scary. Just as humans find some animals andinsects scary, some aliens would find humans scary. If a human were much largerthan an alien and looked very different

Do you have peace of mind?

Regis, it sounds like you have a pretty good conception of consciousness; but I support Tolle and his teaching . Consciousness has many meanings, and one can play with semantics. I think what tolle is saying is that most people are not fully conscious; they operate on the programming instilled in their minds, and react without seeing situations

How to live life without working for someone else

If you mean ‘without working a traditional employment arrangement where I get a wage or salary' - entrepreneurship, of course.If you mean ‘without the output of my effort going to other people' - since an entrepreneur works for his clients, a cash crop farmer works for the market, even a trucker works

How can meditation ever be bad for you?

The list below provides some negative possibilities from meditation. This is not to say that meditation is bad. Any drug or substance can be bad or good depending on the dose, usage and patient. One should be perhaps advised that like many drugs, meditation can have many potential side effects and some of

How to sense your self-awareness

We only know what we like based off the outside world. Drawing parallels, you say,

How to define consciousness scientifically

Consciousness is the act of paying attention to some mental event. Attention is a current of electrical energy conducted on nerve fibers beginning in the brain stem (see reticular formation) where attention arousal occurs, connected to the other brain structures where those mental event take place: thoughts,

How should I go about making a hard life decision?

I took two major life altering decisions which were very unpopular at that time. Here are few things I learned from that experience.1. You don't take right decision. You take decision and then make it right.2. Write it down. Our brains tends to have circular/non-linear thoughts process. Write down

I believe that to die is to end. That death is a void in which life is lost; that dying now is the same as dying in seventy years time. Does anyone else think this way and how do you (if you do) cope?

No matter what your view on mortality and the thereafter, everyone can hopefully agree that death is the end.  Of something.  But putting all views of existence after death aside, you state that dying now is the same as dying in seventy years time.  I'd

If peace of mind is the ultimate good. How does One achieve peace of mind?

There is a truth that evades the regular happenings and in that the words we use relevance to our experiences are caught between the content and beveled angle we see the truth in. We coin peace, but that is only felt when one loses everything save for the moment of still. No movement to erase all concern

Is everything predestined?

Note: The below explanation is based on Vyavahar nay(relative viewpoint) only. Jainism explains reality with the help of both Nishchay nay(real viewpoint) and Vyavahar nay(relative viewpoint).According to Sramana(Jaina) scriptures,The

Is telekinesis (mind over matter) possible?

Yes. Many humans are very close to this ability. Here is a definition I was given: Quantum Displacement Physics: the ability for matter and energy to be transported thru space and time when a mind at Nous 4 (Level4) displaces time.From this perspective, most humans are at Nous 1, or Mind level 1. Nous 2

Philosophy of Everyday Life: Why do things cancel out?

I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about, but my immediate instinctive answer was "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."  Newton's Third Law of motion [Wiki]My next thought was the cyclical nature of nature.  Tides go in and come out; spring and fall equinoxes mark the medians

What advice would you give a 19-year-old going through an existential crisis?

I'm 19 as well, and I can tell you that you aren't alone.What you're going through is normal. When you are around 18-25 years old, you are forced to decide who you want to be and what your purpose is for living on this earth. That is an

What are some things that I should realise very quickly in life?

Public school teachers are low paid union-represented government employees. They cannot teach you to be successful because they are not. There are rare exceptions.Life is more expensive without access to credit. Making minimum payments to maintain the score is better than making several payments and then becoming unable to make the next payment. Missing payments

What are some things which you should avoid when you are going through low or rough phase of your life?

These are the things I suggest you to do so-Avoid hurry. Time will come for everyone one day. Do not get hurried by the time.Avoid fear. The main reason to fail is to fear than all other factors combined together.Avoid laziness. Laziness kills the desire to lift your life.Avoid procrastination. It will be a lot harmful when it accumulates

What idea has most damaged humanity?

If you do X thing against direct orders, you will be endlessly punished after death.If you do X thing against your reason, you will be endlessly rewarded after death.If we do X things against our reason, an endless utopia will arrive on earth.People will

What is an epiphany that changed your life?

It happened through much of soul-searching, and many self-help books being read, up until I came across a quote, "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional" - and at that moment, it all made sense to me.Running after happiness and avoiding conflicts is not the way to go. There is no way

What is human behavior?

Friends,Human behavior is how human behave ?We behave in different four areas of our functions,which,collectively decide our behavior.They are-1.psychic behavior.   It is our "thinking" & "emotions"It    Occupies and decides major part of   Our behavior.2.sensual behavior.   It is our five special senses

What is the idea that changes your life?

This philsophical idea indirectly set me up for literally every success I have ever had in my life by initiating a chain reaction of realizations. I would say it contributed greatly to how intelligent I think I am, successful business ventures, attending University, life and career

What is the most beautiful thing life has to offer?

Everyone has given so many beautiful responses, I almost hesitated to write this.  But for me it's Springtime.  Before you groan and pass me by, think of this:Winter is dark, and my husband works outdoors most of the time.  It's tough on you; getting up in the dark, going home in the dark. 

What is your most fundamental idea?

Either... an arithmetic proof of life-after-death... genetic theory 1.Or a feasible explanation of how things got here... space 1. Or a definition of life... Page on Or this mathematical theorem... to find the surface area of a triangle...  square an edge and then divide by 2.3039 (e 2 ¸

Why do humans do things to each other knowing it will hurt them?

Because they're selfish , don't know what it feels like to have people say, do terrible things to them. It takes something severe to change or end up getting seriously hurt by someone.People do terrible things bc they're nasty. They look outwards, not inwards. They're not looking at your pain, they can't feel it. Unless some

Why do I always injure myself accidentally?

This question was made for me. I injure myself all the time. Last week I was at home in my workshop cleaning some steel with a angle grinder. On the last section I had to stand on a a stepladder to reach the final piece. Well because I am always

Why do mistakes happen?

First of all I love you.Mistakes? Which ones? Are you sure? How can you be sure?On the chessboard a pawn could witness his own brother rook die in battle and announce a mistake has been made, since a rook's value

Why do people want to live a very long life?

I would have to say that a majority of people wish to live a long life simply because:they feel as if they do not possibly have enough time to do everything they wish to do. People, in general, have goals and aspirations. Working towards goals gives life

Do midgets live good lives?

Yes a lot do it can just be harder sometimes.What I personally find annoying with this kind of question is how people are looking to be insulted by saying "you are not allowed to categories people" but you totally 100% are but you

Do most people really care about anything?

Most people care about things and the things we care about is unique to that person and their circumstances. If you are disillusioned about the world you find yourself in and are trying to make sense of everything, in hopes that you will find that most people do in fact care about the same things

Does every person on the planet know at least one thing that no one else knows or could imagine knowing?

Interesting question, do you know how many people are using quora, in around 7 billion people on this planet?Atleast .5 billion people will be using it, just a guess. And only one person has dared to ask this question i.e is You. Just think about it.There is something in you which other dont have. Isn't it?Except than

Does it really all work out in the end?

I'm only 20 atm and have been through being homeless twice. It's a long story, but I feel as though someone up above has me back to help others from a guest level and not a volunteer level. Currently the whole point of existence is being able to help at least

How to make the most of my college experience (spiritually, academically, logistically)? How can I ensure I get the most out of these years

Do what it takes to expand your imagination of what's possible. This is the best prevention against both depression and getting into extremely time-costly dead ends. Also, it's what college is for. You should sample a wide variety of subjects (preferably upper-division courses if you can get into them) and find something that

How to do all the things that you want to do in life when you don't have much support if any at all

Prioritize the things you want to do, then start doing them.If the things you want to do have preconditions decide if the sacrifice needed to satisfy those preconditions is worth the time relative to the other things you want to do.If some of the things you want to do could make others

How to make yourself more intelligent

Original question: Can we make ourselves more intelligent?Short answer: YesYou can become a more intelligent person, how can you do it depends on your definition of intelligence.Type A: Physics, Math, Science - like intelligence. This one is related to academic life (We've all been there). We are said that becoming more intelligent will

How to know when you are your true self

You simply know it. It sometimes happen. Not often. But these are moments with such clairvoyance that you actually do know when that happens. There are many different ways to feel that way (meditation, yoga, spiritual experiences, psychedelic experiences, etc.). Barely no one

How to make yourself less hungry and not think about food

What if you could eat foods that would keep you from, well, eating more food? It's definitely possible. Each of the items on this list uniquely suppresses sensations of hunger. Work them into your meals and snacks and you'll find that you'll naturally eat less.1-Vinegar

How does fashion affect our lives and our society?

Fashion plays a major role in our society. Supose you Stand in any line waiting to check out and the covers of magazines exude fashion. Designers have movie stars wearing what they decide the season should call for. Every movie or television program has carefully chosen what look they want to portray. Every ad may not

How is chivalry dead?

I don't think it's completely dead.  About 25% of guys I know are chivalrous.  It's a dying breed though, unfortunately, as it seems fewer and fewer are these days.  As to how - I have a couple theories.  I think some of it is learned

How much time is too much time to spend alone?

Everyone got their own limit at being alone, there is no clear answer on what is too much time alone.Lets use me for a example: I just to be really talkative and out going, it was something I was really good at and it made me

How would you challenge the saying: people should work to live not live to work?

I would challenge this as follows: I work at work, since it provides me a life to live. Let me explain.You can separate living from working if you feel disconnected from being responsible for yourself. They are co-equal subsets of your existence. Working allows for living and living requires working for it. Once these conditions separate you

If everybody could only ever know one thing about you, what would you choose that one thing to be?

When pushed, or I'm defending family, or someone that just needs someone to care enough to do something. That's when sometimes my temper scares even me.That's all we can expect of man this side of the grave, his good is

Is idealism in life ideal?

Do you know what Idealism is?From your questions it appears as if you think it will teach you and tell you about ‘ideals', and ideas or ideals to live your daily life.In fact it is one metaphysical, ontological and epistemological approach or -ism.the unrealistic belief

Is nihilism a good philosophy to live by?

That depends on what you want. Some people think the 48 Laws of Power is a good philosophy to live by; others think the laws are indicative of the

Is there anything you believe you know but no one else knows?

That is a little bit of a strange question, I guess if you have a big family and never had your own space maybe there is nothing you can hide... however, if you think about it logically unless you share every last thought and feeling you have with people then there will always be things you know

People often say that 'Everything will work out in the end.' Does this mean that if everything has not worked out then it is not the end?

We humans have a tendency to motivate ourselves using such optimistic statements. A lot of people lead terrible lives and die just like that. Nothing worked out for them. In this unjust, unfair, harsh world we people find ways to motivate ourselves to move on. This statement is one such

What are some things most people don't know about life?

I can take a guess at this question. I would say that at least one thing most people who are young and have not lived long might not realize is how fast life can go by.Another thing is that when you reach a particular age in

What are the 9 things that matter in life?

I am trying to list down those 9 things in order of priority as much as possible. So, here they go:Personal health and well being.Relationships (Family/Friends/Spouse) (P.S: These 3 are also in the order given)Your career and life goalsMoneySelf respectPeace of mind, and break for yourself at several intervals in life.Upgrading oneself with knowledge

What are the biggest misconceptions that Indonesians have about India?

Im not sure that the misconceptions you mean is political related or just a general . but heres some of  the misconception of most Indonesian (or maybe even the world) about India that i know- Indians are vegetarianI got to admit i used to think this way

What are the chances our universe is just an illusion?

That does not mean it does not exist, it means things are not as they seem.An atom is 99.99999999999% empty.The difference between ten pounds of lead and dirigible full of helium is that far less than 1% of the electrons are different.The difference

What do you do when you find everything going wrong in life?

I had a good job. Making good money. Things were finally going my way.Everything was going my way. And then something happened. Nothing started working out.I found a great place to live down in Naples. Didn't work out.Went a looked at another place. Didn't work out.Found a

What does it mean to do something in vain?

Doing something "in vain" means that you do something that has the same outcome as if you had not done it. (For example, people say that someone has died in vain if they were fighting to change something and after they

What happens if everything doesn't work according to the plan?

Yes it is very true that we tend to devise a plan for everything we do but not everytime things go the way you planned them..! so what could be the possible outcome of it will depend on your luck and also what your brain advises u at that moment their can several negative outcomes as well

What is one thing that everybody knows but nobody says?

5 things which everyone knows but never tellsFakeness (friendships) : We all know deep down our hearts that 99% of friendships are just ‘strategic alliance'. We know that prime motive of our friendships are material or social support.We all have very very few true and close friends.Empty Love

What is something everyone knows?

The Civil War was not fought over slavery. Abraham Lincoln did not free the slaves. The Emancipation Proclamation did not free a single slave. The 13th Amendment freed slaves, after Lincoln's death. The firing on Ft Sumter was not the start or the

What is something that everyone knows, but they shouldn't?

That their chances of failure in anything they try far outweighs their chances of success.Especially in an environment of cut throat competition and easy availability of the resources such as internet largely the playing field is levelled. Hence your success will be dependent on

What is something that only you believe and the world doesn't believe?

This answer is basically in agreement with Simon Moore; it's just a different way of

What is something you believed was true, but no longer believe is true?

True generosity.I often see that when someone is being kind and or generous... they often have ulterior motives. Some of these motives include:-Seeking approval.-Filling their ego with the belief that they're

What is the best kept secret about your success that people don't know about you?

No-one says their secret formula for success.But they will say their path to success. Path is generally they faced from the failure. Sucess is not a constant thing and failure too..Can Coca cola company reveal their secret?Can ambani's relaince reveal their secret?I bet you

What is the deepest secret a human could ever have?

A2A.   Some deep secrets are kept to protect those they might harm.  Others are kept to protect the keeper from shame or consequences.  But there are also some wonderful secrets one might keep as a reward for someone to be given at a specified time, like a present for graduation. 

What is the most important thing that people should know about you?

There are many things that people should know about me, if they have time to read this :D Here are a few I can think of now:I can't pretend, e.g., if I hate you or don't like you, or

What is the most important thing to have in life?

There is no single most important thing in my life as life needs delicate balancing between several competing things in life. I often compare life like passing an examination with multiple subjects. For example, if you are writing your CBSE 12th Board examination in India, you have five subjects say Hindi,

What is the most interesting fact most people should know but probably don't?

Here are some very interesting psycological facts that can surprise you:ColorsYou've probably noticed companies such as Pizza Hut, KFC, Domino's, McDonald's all use red color in the logos. Red is a color associated with excitement and youthfulness. It also stimulates the area of the brain which

What's the way of living a stress free life?

The best way of living a stress free life is to give some time to yourself every day for whatever you like to do reading , writing , playing etc. Coz if you don't get time to do what you love to do and you are not getting time to think think through than it will be the

What small lifestyle changes have the biggest impact?

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People‘Your life doesn't just happen' According to Steven Covey, you and you alone design your life. Every moment and every situation provides you with the opportunity to do so. Therefore, every choice you make gives you

Why do most people either run away from troubles and difficulties or always wish to avoid such things? What is their aim in life? How do they spend their lives without difficulties?

We all are alone with our brains. We all have our unique brains with our own comfort zones. What one can see as a minor problem or issue can be an impossible situation for others. We might feel that they have avoided an difficult situation but actually

Why do people only believe what they want to believe?

Because virtually all of us think everyone else thinks just like they do.  It is confirmation bias.  People only listen to what they want to hear and believe only in what they want to believe.  Sometimes reality and the truth are going to be too much for a given person's psychological wellbeing and

Why do we need a reason to live life?

My maid, ( lets call her Lakshmi) is quite a simpleton. She doesn't have any expectations from life. She spreads happiness to those around her and is a jovial person in general. She recently built a decent house for her family and is able to afford for her childs education. Her

Why does everything go wrong?

Some people are optimists, while others are pessimists.  Some see the glass as half full, others see it as half empty.  Some see life as joyful and others see it as dark and foreboding.  Typically these types of perceptions of "life" are

Why does life hate me?

What's life mean to you? And how can life itself hate you? I know I'm pulling at straws; I completely understand what you're referring to. To answer.... it doesn't hate you. You're the one who's fighting with life. You're mind soul and

Why don't all people become successful in life?

As said, by Crowly Mathew Arackal the criteria/definition of success is different for different person, but if u think about success as rich/fame" Then everybody want it, but they never want it as they want to breathe " --

Why should I live?

Because suicide/attempt to suicide is illegal under section 309, IPC.‘Living will' needs certain terms and conditions so you can't go for that also.But before going against law, you can read this:Puneet was sleeping, early morning his wife saroz came and said.. congratulations we are going to be

Does suffering make you stronger?

Physically stronger: yes. Look at sports, like soccer. The muscles suffer a physical process permitting to do the same think later with less efforts and better efficiency.Mentally stronger: yes.  Look at martial arts. The body takes damage (minor or major) to know better how

How is life wherever you are at?

Life is quiet. Warmer than usual. My roof produced 26 kWh today. Unusual warm. I am afraid that climate change deniers are going to clog up the beauty clinic halls for nose jobs as they all will fall flat on their faces.Anyway, it could be worse, to

In your opinion, what is the ideal age to be?

0 - 70Probably a lifetime!Hate to break it to you, there is no ideal age to be in. This is because you can never compare an age with the other.We age as time goes and every second that passes houses a distinct memory, every second that comes occupied by

Is ambition a virtue or a defect?

To my modest understanding, ambition is a defect. The healthy thing is to mark a path to follow and to go through it enjoying the path and get along with what it offers us. Perhaps, if we have walked a lot, that path will lead us to a certain place to

Is everything natural?

You're interchanging 2 different concepts with the same keyword, nature and human nature, in your argument. The brain and human mind is a product of the nature as we know it. Yes, everything is of the nature, natural. On the other hand, the

Life: How's the life at your end?

Life at my end.... is lively, messing with me as it messes with everyone, challenges me to give up but at the same time gives me the hint to bounce back.its colorful...showing me its different colours every now and then just to amaze me that I should not underestimate what it can do to

What are the sources of unhappyness that the modern world brings us?

The cause of happiness and unhappiness have never changed; they are universal.A person is generally unhappy when he is emotionally vested in expectations that he cannot attain or fulfill.   For example, when one cannot fulfill his own expectations, or when he falls short of other people's expectations, and those other people have emotional, financial, or other

What happens when a child is taught to see good as bad and bad as good?

Children are often raised to believe that their religion allows them to judge people who don't believe in it. They see that intolerance as good. They are raised to believe that it's okay to own other people, to destroy the earth, to beggar and impoverish their neighbors.