Can an automotive technician work on airplanes?

Obviously mechanical failures on an airplane are much more dangerous than mechanical failures on an automobile. Therefore aircraft mechanics is a much more precise craft and requires carefully following manufacturer instructions and extensive documentation. This is why aircraft mechanics must be certified. Having an automobile

What are some cheap travel hacks?

I think traveling is one favorite part of some people. But essential information helps us more to decide about travel place. So here I would like to share one of the wonderful travel hacks with you.Did you know about rental home?Yes, When

What are some "during the flight" airplane hacks?

No on-seat power socket? Charge your phone in the rest room, using the shaver socket.Look for a tiny button under aisle seat armrest. Press it and you'd be able to lift it. On Airbus aircraft or Recaro seats, press the hinge on which the armrest rotates. Making way/stepping out will become easier.Put your carry on luggage in the space

What are some of the best passenger airplane seat hacks?

It all depends on the type of seat you can get and what makes your trip more comfortable.For overnight flights, if you think you can sleep then get a window seat. You will be disturbed far less than on the aisle. However, if you are like me

What are some travel hacks for international flights no one talks about?

I travel internationally over 100K miles per year and have several hacks to get through a long flight.If your bottom gets sore on a flight: Take the pillow they give you and try to find an extra. Put them on

What are the best 15th airport tips?

The ability to travel without having to tackle any contingency and hassle appearing in the airport premises is every business traveller's enviable virtue. Regardless of the number of times precautionary measures are taken, there's always that one slip up which would derail the smooth continuity of travel. One of the ways to

What are the best airplane life hacks?

I fly a lot, around North America and to Asia. While not all of these suggestions will work for every flight, some will, and they will all make getting on and off and out of the airport easier.Keep your ID handy. Passport, Nexus, Global Entry;

What are the best airport tips when traveling with kids?

Children who have been taught from a very early age to be civil and patient in all public spaces such as malls, stores, restaurants, etc. will have no trouble adapting to airport - and even airplane - behavior.Even so, children can get restless if they're wide awake with nothing

What are the best airport tips?

Here are some tips that will be useful to budget and business travellers. Some of these tips are more DIY/backpackers, some others more business-oriented. Since I have been on both sides, I thought I'd straddle the fence... I'll keep adding as they come to mind (old age, you see...). In between I'll try to reorganize this answer by country/airport.Home:

What are the best travel hacks for being on long flights?

Here are 10 Tips for making the best of your long distance flight.Sleep!  You will feel so much better when you arrive. Some airlines provide sleep kits, some don't, so having one handy can help.Noise cancelling headphones- you'll likely watch a few movies and when sleeping you can listen to the channel

What are the best travel luggage hacks?

Healthy way to pack and carry your Luggage· Choosing a luggage:- Look for a luggage that is a sturdy, light, high-quality and transportable variety.- Avoid purchasing luggage that is too heavy or bulky when empty- Choosing a bag with wheels and a handle can go a long way to lighten your load· Packing-- Attempt not to Over-pack,

What are the most useful travel hacks?

Everyone wants to travel as comfortably as possible. A lot of times, after you travel, you find out some hack that you could have done for better travelling. While there are probably an infinite number of hacks that travellers have used, these are just some hacks

What are the things that someone who's flying for the first time must know?

Everyone has mentioned the important advice. Let's dwell on how to make it an interesting ride!You will get into this long buslike cabin, you walk in the middle praying to locate your seat hustle free,Try not to be an ass infront of the daring passenger

What is your weirdest experience traveling by air?

During my time as an independent subcontractor, I was asked to join a flight crew originating from California and terminating in Texas. I had to go to Texas for a different job anyway, so I agreed.The passengers were interesting, to say the least.First to board: World War II veteran going to

What's a good hack for airline travel?

My hack is to find the easiest way to buy cheap, which happens to be the simplest way to buy cheap - Never buy a Refundable ticket again - you have just reduced your ticket cost by 70%, yet have the same cancellation benefits by buying a cheap

Which are best international airports?

Abeid Amani Karume Airport is also international airport in Tanzania. It is one of the crowded airports in Tanzania in terms of daily flights and passengers. As like on every airport, it also avails the airport handling companies. Here Transworld Aviation is a airport handling company which handles number of flights daily. We are known as top ground handling

Which is the best airport transfer for Gatwick Airport?

Although, there are a lot airport transfers services I recommend you, but the one that you can actually make the most of is Jewels Car Gatwick. The reason why I have put this name in lead and not others despite availability is their years

Which is the best airport transfer for Liverpool Airport?

"If you are looking for an excellent airport transfer for Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LJLA) then you can find several service providers.  Liverpool is home to several excellence taxi service providers. You can find taxi services to Liverpool Airport form

Which US airports have the best food?

Based on the ratings by Flyopedia, below mentioned airports are the best in the USA to grab a bite:• JFK, New York City, NYEnjoy mouth-watering gamut of delicacies at the JFK airport in New York. Deep Blue Sushi is recommended.• SkyHarbor, Phoenix, ArizonaAuthentic cuisine can be found here, as almost every best local eating joint like

Are your survival chances better in a high speed car crash or a plane crash?

Car crash, for sure. If you're in the front seat, you have airbags. Also, you're wearing a three-point seat belt. In a plane, you're only wearing a lap belt. (The flight attendants get a proper 4-point belt.) Also, it's rare for car crashes to take place at over 40 MPH or so, while it's

Can the pilots of an airliner fight smoke in the cockpit?

There is no smoking allowed in any US airliners during normal operations. During single-entity charter operations and some other flights that are specially treated, there are stipulations that allow smoking aboard, to include the flight deck during specific phases of flight. These include all-cargo flights

How much do flight attendants make?

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to answer this question . You can read the above answers as many users have shared the elaborative answers .The salary of flight attendant is not fixed . The salaries are paid in two different components and few other

If you snore and often fall asleep on flights, what do you do to keep from embarrassing yourself?

I regard it is a blessing to be able to fall asleep on flights. Nothing to feel ashamed of ! Afterall I am not any famous person, doing that will not become the headline of the news.If you are really so concerned and feel embarrassed, try to

What are some good travel tips for people who haven't traveled in awhile?

Pack lightly - it's never fun to have to lug around a huge suitcase or backpack filled with unnecessary clothes, shoes, etc.Bring a reusable water bottle with you to save money on expensive airport water.Cook meals to save moneyArrive early

How to get the cheapest airfare

I'll start with common false beliefs about booking an airline ticket.1. Anonymous browsing or clearing cookies.A lot of people suggest that airlines and online travel agents are using tools to profile you to increase ticket price. It comes with a good set of evidence. Sometimes if you check a flight price at an airline website and come back few

What are the best ways to spend time in aeroplane?

Spending time forcefully is really a hard task to do where Einstein's theory of relativity comes into picture, but technically there plenty of things you can do which makes you feel time is flying along with you1 Take 3 to 4 books which you like to

What are the weirdest things flight attendants have seen in their line of duty?

Not an FA, but this experience as a passenger is worth sharing, even though it was good instead of weird.I was working as a consultant, and was flying more than usual in early part of 2010 on various assignments. This was a Jet Airways flight to Mumbai. I was flying from Toronto, but don't remember where was the

What is the best travel tip you can offer someone new to travel?

How exciting for you! Here are some of things that come to mindhave a copy of your passport and whatever cards you are taking with you digitally and also a paper copy that you carry elsewhere in your person with a some money (a second back up purse if you will) and also put an additional name and

As an airline pilot, do you enjoy commuting for work and why?

Most airlines have domiciles in areas which are very expensive to live in. I commuted for 19 years and I hated every minute of it. Flights are always full so either you get crammed in a middle seat or you don't get on as you try to jumpseat only to get bumped off due to seniority.

What are some best kept secrets of air travel? What are some facts pilots do not want passengers to know?

Somethings that pilots won't tell you...That pilots can escape through windows (or escape doors) in the cockpit in case of emergency like fire, hijacking. In the cockpit, they also have escape ropes mounted in a compartment above the window on each side of the cockpit. You

What has been your craziest flight/train experience?

I was flying on Lufthansa from Toronto, Canada to Frankfurt, Germany on a 747. The flight was delayed until about 9 PM and was uneventful until around midnight.I was sitting in the emergency exit row over the starboard wing with two other guys in rows facing each other.One of the guys looked out the window and

What is the fastest way to get through TSA?

What is the fastest way to get through TSA?Arrive early for your flight so you don't feel rushed going thru security.Have your documents ready when it's your turn.Have your

How many people use air travel every year?

According to ICAO (Annual Passenger Total Approaches 3 Billion According to ICAO 2012 Air Transport Results ) the number rounds the 3 billion pax. But that does not mean 3 billion tickets sold. The world bank informs of 21 billion pax carried in the whole world during the year 2014. Air transport, passengers carried

What are some great tips and tricks for air travel?

Reach the airport at least 2 hours before your scheduled time. You should have time to come back home and again get back to airport if you have forgotten something important.Check-in online, don't waste time standing in lines.Buy 4 wheel bags.Stay hydrated.Choose green tea over coffee (Coffee won't let you sleep).Choose your seat

What are the best airport tips?

Here are some tips that will be useful to budget and business travellers. Some of these tips are more DIY/backpackers, some others more business-oriented. Since I have been on both sides, I thought I'd straddle the fence... I'll keep adding as they come to mind (old age, you see...). In between I'll try to reorganize this

What are the major limitations to adopting flying cars as our primary form of transportation in the modern world?

Money/cost.Flying vehicles are more expensive than road vehicles. Nothing will change that, not electric, not autonomous.If things go won't in s flying vehicle, it is coming down. Maintenance has to be top notch. Shade tree mechanics may be able to get you back in the air, but for how long?

What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done while being on a flight?

Once, while on a flight, to London, from New York, I happened to get a seat next to a young English girl who had been in the States with family and was flying back home. She was a beautiful redhead, kind of tall, with beautiful