What is the cheapest way to fly?

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In 25 words or less, how do I takeoff in a plane?

Throttle up. Wind speed? 10 degrees right. Check lights, roger roger. Tower says clear. Throttle full. Release brakes. Check speed. Maximum velocity, pull back. Back I said, pull damn you! Flaps up! more power! Treeline 200 meters, 150. Full power, hard! We're not gonna make it! Brace for impact!

What are the cheapest air travels or websites to check to roam around Europe?

Never forget surface travel.   Europe has a highly developed railway network.   In many markets the trains are so quick they have killed off many flights.   That's not to say there are no flights just that the few that remain are there largely

Could the X-37B space plane carry a human passenger?

It's apparent that military aviation is moving rapidly towards the use of unmanned drones. This is one area where an unmanned drone makes an enormous amount of sense.Attempting to modify the X-37B to carry a human pilot would be very difficult to

Can commercial airlines be used for an invasion by a military?

Yes. When they used that idea for Red Dawn it wasn't something new. They got their inspiration from the Soviets themselves who had done so when they first sent their Airborne units into Afghanistan in 1979.The Soviets used Aeroflot commercial planes and disguised military

Is it possible that an extraterrestrial entity caused the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight 370?

The reason such explanations sometimes seem appealing is that we don't subject then to the same level of critique as other explanations.Consider what it would take for you to dismiss, for example:Did MH370 never actually exist as

If I fell from a plane, 35000 ft in the air into the Pacific, what are my chances of survival?

Very slim, close to none, unless your name is Vesna Vulović (33000 feet on solid ground), or Larisa Savitskaya (free fall from 5200 meters and two days of survival alone in the forest).

An airliner with 400 passengers needs to land immediately at the nearest airport. Would Area 51 let it land there?

Everyone has stated something but then seems to ignore it in the next sentence.The basic statement is something like:

How does an autopilot work before a plane crash?

How does an autopilot work before a plane crash?Most autopilots are

What is the SOP for airplanes when the airport has been damaged due to an earthquake minutes before its landing?

The other answers were good, but I'd like to add a slightly different viewpoint.Assume you're in an airliner enroute from Boston's Logan Airport to your destination. Alternately, you're flying with a friend in his Cessna 182. Both aircraft are planning to land at San Francisco International Airport (KSFO).In either case,

What is the minimum order size for buying Boeing 747s?

I'm not aware of any minimum buying requirements for B-747's or A-380's. But pricing and scheduling will vary depending upon production slots available.You will also need to put down a very hefty deposit with letters of irrevocable credit once you sign a contract.Boeing has not announced a stop sell on B-747-800's and

What was the most awkward moment when you first boarded a flight?

I was 8. My mother put me on an out of state flight, totally alone, to go visit relatives. 3 uncomfortable things happened during the trip.I wasn't scared, was looking forward to the visit actually, and I was fortunate to be a naturally precocious and attentive kid, but during the

How does a plane crash?

Aero safety investigators are tasked with identifying the root causes of aircraft accidents so that they can identify possible ways to ensure such an accident doesn't happen again.There are a number of reasons why some planes crash that they would consider. This includes:Pilot error: for

Where do dogs go to the bathroom on planes?

They shouldn't have too if you do your due diligence.Consider your dogs elimination schedule when you book the flight.The hour your dog normally gets let out to eliminate, the time they eat, etc. When you're putting your trip together, think about the time of flight and the distance and how you will hydrate, feed

As a plane is about to crash, could one just jump off the plane just before it crashes and survive?

Before we get into the crash and burn scenario - just because the engine stops doesn't mean the airplane falls out of the sky. Airplanes can glide quite far - anywhere from a 1:10 to 1:20 glide ratio (height to horizontal distance. And every pilot

How many people could a Boeing 747 technically carry?

The FAA defines the exit limit for a B747–400 as 550 on the main deck and 660 on the combined decks. Exit limits are defined by the number of doors, as the FAA believes a pair of full size doors can only evacuate 110 people in case of an emergency. So obviously there are 5 pairs on the main

Why is using a cell phone not allowed during a flight?

Copied from my answer to a similar question:There are different versions of whether mobiles phones CAN or CANNOT interfere with the telecommunication or navigation equipment inside an aircraft.Those who think that mobile phones CANNOT interfere with the telecommunication and navigational equipment of an aircraft cite the

What good are airline miles for an overseas business class trip when they make it virtually impossible to use them?

It is not virtually impossible to use them!Airline miles/points are actually the best currencies for redeeming business class trips. Because they're subject to the distance travelled rather than the price, that means you will be able to redeem a ridiculously expensive flight at peak (If offered) with an equal amount of points as one

How to find the cheapest food at an airport

Food available at Airport typically costs much. This is because shops & franchises of popular food chain restaurants like Subway, MarryBrown etc incur high operational expenses.I like eating Veggies from Subway and I never miss a chance when I spot a Subway Franchise. Subway shops located at Airports charge higher price

Why has the speed of airliners remained more or less a constant over the years? Can we expect to fly from Toronto to Melbourne in an hour by 2050?

The biggest issue with increasing speed of today's airliners is simply one of aerodynamics. We can only do so much with air, and air isn't about to radically change - luckily I might add. The Concorde flew at supersonic speeds, but was exceedingly expensive to operate and maintain. Additionally, its safety was

Can I sue an airliner if a kid was screaming on the flight for 8 hours?

Let me guess - you are an American - land of the ligitators, home of the ignorant.You can try - they have way bigger lawyers than you.Babies cry on airplanes typically because they are in extreme pain. More often than not, this is because of

What is the best way to get flight tickets at low fares?

Nowadays, traveling is not cheap or easy for everyone. But, if you shop around, you can still grab amazing deals that will help you save tons on your next travel. While going on a journey, flights are one of the major parts of the expenses

What is the wildest plane flight you've had?

I have thre bad flights in mind.The first was 1973 over Canada in a DC8 between Ottawa and Regina when we hit severe turbulence. It was rough and unpleasant for a few minutes but the sight of a steward walking down the aisle

What is the difference between regular food and airplane food?

As food goes, there isn't any real difference - it's still food and it's prepared in commercial kitchens as it would be if prepared in a hotel. The basic difference is in the type of ingredients and the prolonged holding period.Airline food

What happens to wasted food on airplanes?

I have not worked in the airlines but based on my lifetime experience in the food industry, I am almost sure wasted food on airplanes goes to dump.The liability laws are extremely strong, and no airlines are going to touch that issue and risk with ten feet

What's the deal with airplane food? Who makes it? Who designs the menu? What was the best airline meal you ever had? The worst? Why do we now have to pay for terrible food on most domestic U.S. carriers?

Airplane food is made before the flight. It is precooked and reheated on the flight. Some airlines may bake cookies or scones during the flight, but actually cooking food from scratch doesn't really happen. It needs to fit in a very tight area, and it needs to be relatively bland, so that

What is the best plane to fly?

It depends on need and resources. If you need a plane in which you will learn to fly I reccomemd a Cessna 172. It's an affordable plane that is fairly docile and comfortable for a student and instructor.If you have fairly deep pockets and need reliable corporate transport then get a Beech F90 King Air.

If I hide in a suitcase on a transatlantic or transpacific flight, will I survive?

Depends on your definition of ‘survive' and ‘on'.See, every bag on international flights are xrayed before placed on board. There are far too many instances of this not happening and perfectly good aircraft suddenly and unexpectedly becoming unairworthy. Such things happened above Locherbie Scotland on a Pan Am flight, an

What is the best passenger plane to fly in?

That's very subjective. The criteria for me are how smoothly it flies (big planes are more stable), four engines (safety), wide cabin (anti-claustrophobic), noise level (depends on the number and type of engines, but also where you are sitting). In other words, personal comfort.Comfort is also determined by choice of airline (the model/width/pitch of the seats, the entertainment

Can quadcopters have a flight time of 2 hours?

The two hour record has been broken a number of times by battery powered quadcopters.Ferdinand Kickinger of Germany began setting flight time records back in 2014. In 2016, he created a battery-powered quadcopter that flew for 2 hours 31 minutes. See

How to make a long flight go by faster

Definitely sleeping, but I've also found that socialising with the passenger(s) next to you really make the time fly.If you are not so much the social type, or if your neighbours look like someone who are going to kill you

How to get domestic flights at cheap fares for my next week journey

This is what I do. Start checking Fares between 3 to 4 weeks before the actual travel. I look for flights from nearby airports, for both my origin, and destination.I use the calendar search to see what's the cheapest fare. Bear in mind, some airlines will charge you even for carry on (spirit air). Make

Is airplane food healthy? Why?

Airplane food is not healthy. What should it be? It's certainly not poisonous, so eating it once in a while will do no harm to you, but it's far from healthy.It should be no secret that most meals served on board are frozen and reheated in the airplane ovens. While it has certain advantages and is required, it

What was the best air plane meal you ever had flying coach?

I'm pretty easy to please. I know people like to complain about airline food, but I recognise it can't be a 5-star flying restaurant, so good flavour and edible does the trick.On an Air Canada flight back from Seoul, a mini-bottle of wine

When is the best time to visit Dubai and for cheap flight fare?

December to February is the busiest time for tourism in Dubai Due to DSF. The hotels rates and air fare will be high during this time. Best time will be to pick the off season. April to November should should some dip in the air

When taking a long flight, is it better to bring your own meals or eat what is offered on board?

You're not necessarily allowed to bring your own food aboard the aircraft so always eat what is offered on the flight. On most long hauls, a meal is included in the ticket price so you most likely don't even have to worry about it.

Is the fare of a domestic flight fixed if travel time is less than an hour?

Indian government's regional connectivity scheme (called UDAN abbreviation for Ude Desh Ka Aam Naagrik) had announced on October 21, 2016 that fares will be capped at Rs 2,500 for half of the seats in one-hour flights.Under the scheme, mainly aimed at connecting unserved and

How to use Goibibo cash to book a flight ticket when I have cash in my Goibibo cash wallet

1. you can't use all of cash from goibibo wallet if that cash is your goibibo cashback. If you get cash or cash back from goibibo and you want to applied it during payment method then only some percent cash will

What airport is the best airport?

Airports come in all sorts of sizes, descriptions and locations.Singapore (Changi) is certainly one of the world's best - very big, but not confusing, the world's cleanest airport, the world's most pleasant to spend an overnight layover in, magnificent shopping centre but not grossly overpriced.Bangkok is one of my favourites. It's getting a little

Is Air China any good?

I'd say flying with them is fine - the planes and onboard crews are fine, the food is OK. (See e.g. How good are these airlines for a flight from the US to India- China Southern and Air China? for a generally positive trip report). The safety record,

What is the best airline food you have eaten?

I was in foreign country and I must mention that I missed Indian food. One day before my flight, I sent WhatsApp message to my mother and told her to prepare my favorite food because I was missing the food. Over a month, I ate lots of

How to impress a flight attendant

The biggest thing is to just be nice. I fly more than 200k a year, and actually see the same crew members from time to time.The things NOT to do are:Ask where they are staying. They won't tell you anyway, and really just want to

How to complain about a flight attendant on flight

Flight attendants wear name tags/badges. If not, they are required to provide their names. In case of a problem, a passenger can use the following options to log a complaint:Speak to the senior flight attendant. Normally, they announce themselves prior to the safety

Can a child fly in the cockpit of an airliner?

It depends on what type of commercial flight the child is on. By definition, commercial aviation is the use of aircraft for the purpose of commerce-in other words, to make money. There are many ways to make money in commercial aviation. Here are some examples:Aerial photographySurveying and mappingSightseeingCarrying freightCarrying mail

What even is the deal with airplane food?

An airline galley is not suited for preparation of dozens or hundreds of meals-they can barely handle coffee and dramamine. Food is prepared on the ground and loaded about the same time the baggage is. Your airborne lasagna has sat in a Domino's warming bag for several hours, or has cooled and been reheated.The atmosphere in the